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Woman winds up under Red Line train at South Station; platforms evacuated

Firefighters getting ready to go on tracks

Firefighters getting ready to get on the tracks. Photo by Skyqrose.

Skyqrose was among the Red Line passengers evacuated from South Station shortly after noon when an woman wound up under an outbound train coming into the station.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighter we're able to get her out and that she had injuries not considered life threatening.

The T bused passengers from Park Street to JFK/UMass as firefighters worked to extricate her and Transit Police investigated what happened.

Passengers waiting for a promised shuttle bus outside the station:

Waiting for a shuttle bus outside South Station
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BFD reports rescue companies were able to crawl under the train and extricate the woman. She was taken by⁦⁦ ⁦@BOSTON_EMS⁩ with non life threatening injuries.


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Between fires, people hit by trains and buses, hazmat situations, medical emergencies, Boston Fire spends half the shift underground.

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??? Suicide? Medz made her dizzy? Drunk-high? Why is this happened with regularity these days?

I was on probably the last inbound redline train going into work by South Station when we were stopped at JFK and told to wait for non-exsistent shuttle buses. This was at 12 noon. Waited, waited, waited....more and more people (most appeared to be from out of town and acted clueless). By 12:45 i would guess there were 300 plus people. Buses started trickling in. By 1:15 I discovered an inbound commuter rail train would arrive in 12 minutes. Me anf others waited on the commuter rail platform.It blew through JFK Umass.Another inbound commuter train was scheduled to arrive in 24 minutes. Went back up and around to the shuttle bus area. finally managed to get on one of them. Took roughly 25 minutes to get to South Station. It took what be a 25-30 minute red line commute to my job 1-1/2 hrs.

This city isn't becoming unlivable, IT IS UNLIVABLE.

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If the T was waiting on approval for an increase this cluster of wasted time would not have happened. The only time they feel heat under their carriages is when the top management is pushing for a fare increase.

Considering the T managers cancel busses without announcement, the managers could have moved busses in less than 45 minutes.

Between pensions that are breaking the back of the T budget and management that is always chasing its own tale ther is wonder that the subways and busses operate at all.

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parsing the phrases "an woman wound up under an outbound train coming into the station hit somebody on the tracks" and "firefighter we're able to get her out". Nonetheless, I'm glad the woman left the scene with all of her limbs attached.

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In the early stages first responses often don’t know how the victim ended up under the train. Fallen, jumped or pushed

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I’m guessing if she’d been pushed there would be LOTS of press about it. Also, if she had fallen.

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Perhaps AG was posting from a phone and got his words changed by autocucumber.

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