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Person winds up under Red Line train at Fields Corner

Firefighters at Fields Corner Red Line stop look to extricate person under train

Firefighters look to extricate person under train. Photo by BFD.

Red Line service came to a halt on the Ashmont branch around 8 a.m. after a person wound up under a train at the Fields Corner station. The T is using buses instead between Ashmont and JFK/UMass.

NBC Boston reports the person was extricated shortly before 9 a.m., conscious, with possible broken bones.

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What a great job you guys and girls do whether fighting fires or saving lives on the T.

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Adam - I am posting to let everyone know that you are a pillar of the journalistic profession. Nobody else brings this type of Boston content so consistently. I look forward to many many many years of posting perhaps thousands of posts here. Thoughts and prayers for this tragedy. Thank you again.

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