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Orange Line train catches fire at Forest Hills station; the delays cause a lot of commuter vexation

Firefighters at Forest Hills Orange Line station

Katy Purington got a glimpse of Boston firefighters at Forest Hills station around 7:50 p.m. for what the MBTA called "a mechanical fire" on a train.

The T brought in some buses to try to shuttle passengers between Forest Hills and Jackson Square.

Earlier today:
Ashmont service comes to a halt, derailed train is at fault.



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Is that one of the new trains after quickly depreciating once it started running on the decrepid, tired system that was supposed to support it? It is, isn't it!! Aawwww, sheeeahht.

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Thats one of the old rust bucket trains. The new ones have not been put into revenue service yet.

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That is one of the train cars built by workers who wondered if the Iranian Hostage Crisis would ever end.

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