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North Shore Republican makes endorsement in Boston district council race

Gov. Baker today endorsed fellow Republican Jennifer Nassour for the District 8 City Council seat (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Mission Hill) being given up by Josh Zakim.

Displaying a hitherto unknown interest in the council district outside his State House office, Baker said Nassour would actually listen to the "everyday concerns of her constitutents" even as she applies her "decades of experience" in the non-profit, public and private solutions to help loosen the uniform set of views he implies the council now has:

At all levels of government, having a diverse set of ideas makes for better policy. Every resident of Boston should feel that their tax dollars are being spent with scrutiny and that their quality of life is improving, regardless of their neighborhood.

Baker did not specify any of Nassour's past jobs, but they include chairing the Republican State Committee when Scott Brown was elected senator and founding a group called Conservative Women for a Better Future - which she has said is only conservative on fiscal issues.

Nassour is one of several candidates running in this Tuesday's preliminary. Should she be the top or second-place finisher, she will advance to the November final election. Boston municipal elections are officially non-partisan.


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This move by Charlie took about as much courage as him saying he loves dining in the North End. As Dan Rather would say... “Courage”.

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Charlie's solution to Trump vs Clinton? According to him, he didn't cast a vote for president. That's mighty courageous Charlie.

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I thought Jennifer Nassour left the party because of Trump. Am I remembering wrong or did she pull a John Kingston?

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Pathetic attempt at a dig against the popular governor in the country.

Try harder!

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“Conservative Women for a Better Future - which she has said is only conservative on fiscal issues.”

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But hold liberal social views? When I was a kid, 'liberal' Republicans and 'conservative' Democrats were normal. Most people fall in the middle between two extremes.

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I mean, you're describing Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci there, but even in Massachusetts, Charlie Baker's looking like the exception rather than the rule when it comes to formal Republican affairs.

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The majority of Americans are independents and their numbers are growing.

The wing nuts in both parties are tearing us apart claiming we should either become Europe or, on the flip side, freeze time in 1878.

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but that was a long long time ago, back in the Devonian when fish were wondering if going out on the land might be a good idea.

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Who cares? Do people honestly vote based on endorsements?

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When there are a lot of candidates, like the upcoming At Large City Council race, if someone or some entity that I like makes a suggestion or endorsement, I'd pay attention to that as I make my decision.

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