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No Saturday service on the Needham Line between August and mid-October

MassDOT reports people who normally ride the Needham Line on Saturdays will have to find another way to get around between Aug. 3 and Oct. 12 to let workers install a "positive train control" system that will make the line safer by keeping trains from going too fast and reducing the odds they might crash into each other.

Preparation for the new system has included cutting down trees along the right of way in recent months.



Too fast. HAHA


Why this particularly line?

They've been doing it on all the lines.

At least it'll still run on Sundays. Oh wait, nevermind.


will be unaffected.

So did they not actually finish the work when they claimed to back in 2017?




From Needham Heights, Needham Center, or Needham Junction, customers can instead take Bus Route 59 to Newton Highlands on the Green Line D branch or to Watertown Square.

- From West Roxbury, Highland, Bellevue, or Roslindale Village, customers can instead take Bus Routes 35, 36, or 37 to Forest Hills on the Orange Line, which serves Ruggles and Back Bay.

- Customers who typically board at Hersey Station are encouraged to travel to Needham Junction or West Roxbury Station as there are no connecting MBTA services at Hersey.

I'm going to assume that last one was a mangled way of saying "Get yourself to West Roxbury and jump on a 35 bus or, honestly, just forget about it and stay home."


The T has been cutting down every tree along the right of way for a couple of years now, in the name of storm damage prevention. Seems overly simplistic, and certainly ugly. It's also exposed some previously shaded properties (the Needham Roche Bros. parking lot comes to mind) to the full summer sun.