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New school superintendent plans to move around Boston a lot

WBZ reports that to better get to know Bostonians, Brenda Cassellius, who moved here from Minnesota to became school superintendent on July 1, plans to live in as many neighborhoods as possible during her time here:

I started off in Roxbury. I don’t know where I’ll go next, but I want to go there, live in that community, go to church with people, synagogue, mosque, and go to the parks, and walk my dog.



She's been surprised by how many Dunkin' Donuts we have.


The new superintendent is sounding like a person with off-the-wall ideas about how to spend their limited, valuable time. That's not a quality of a serious consensus wrangler, which is what the head of BPS needs to be.


What part of getting to know all parts of the city makes her not sound like a "consensus wrangler"?

And by the way, when it comes to the schools, "consensus" means, instead of having the best for the largest number of kids, everything gets watered down to a beige mid-point that everyone can tolerate, but no one loves.


She's already my favorite candidate for... whatever, really. Can she be mayor next?

She could be the greatest superintendent ever, lower the dropout rate to 0, and ensure every student goes to a good college on scholarship.

But if she dares let that dog off-leash she'll be considered worse than Hitler in the eyes of UHub commenters.

the MCAS?


What if she takes pup outside for doody duty and instead of demurely staying in the gutter, close to the curb - it asserts its right to use the full lane!?

She should ride the MBTA during school dismissal time. The Transit Cops can't control the troublesome teens maybe she will have better luck.


to get an idea of what Bostonians have to deal with.

And maybe wake up at 5am and commute on a bus to a school on the other side of the city for a 7am first bell.


Her job isn't going to move. She's going to get to her job from different neighborhoods. It's about two blocks away from an exam school (O'Bryant), so it's a good test. I bet she could be convinced to take the T from each neighborhood to get to work at 7 and see how well that works.

As reported by Commonwealth magazine, part of the Superintendent's compensation package includes a relocation allowance to be paid every year.


INCOMING BOSTON school superintendent Brenda Cassellius signed a three-year contract with the city that provides some of the standard perks for a top-level hire, including reimbursement for moving expenses involved in her relocation from Minnesota to Boston.

But the agreement goes a step further than that with an unusual provision that seems to anticipate address changes by the new school leader even after her arrival Boston. The contract includes language covering Cassellius’s expenses for moves up to once per year within Boston.


she will get paid to move back from where she came from after a few years.

otherwise she may not move again.

I don't think she'll be living in the Seaport any time soon. She did say she wanted to live in communities, not a glorified office park/outdoor shopping mall.


She'd be welcomed here, anytime.

Caveat: We don't have any children in the Seaport.

She'd be welcomed here, anytime.

Caveat: We don't have any children in the Seaport.

Some bad points
But it all works out

She is clearly looking to pick-up some street cred for a future bigger and better job

Boston since busing has been a sideshow for school management talent -- its not big enough in terms of student numbers to attract and keep top talent

The new superintendent has a 3 year contract and built-in allowance to move 3 times

  • once from Minnesota at the beginning to Bos1 -- Roxbury
  • once at end of year 1 -- Bos1 to Bos2 say Roxbury to W. Roxbury
  • once at end of year 2-- Bos2 to Bos3 say W. Roxbury to East Boston Clippership Wharf

then at end of year 3 -- some other school district will pay to mover her on to the next job

Oh she's going to work out well at BPS.