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MS-13 member gets 17 years; admitted he helped hide gun used to murder rival gang member

Nelson "Inquieto" Cruz Rodriguez Cartagena, 25, was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison yesterday for his role in running an MS-13 "clique" in Everett, after which he will be subject to deportation to his native El Salvador, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Rodriguez pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to conduct enterprise affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity in April.

According to the feds, Rodriguez helped unmask one MS-13 member a leader thought was ratting on him and hid a gun used to fatally shoot a member of the rival 19th Street Gang in the head.

Although some of his crimes occurred in 2016 - when federal and local authorities arrested some 61 MS-13 members, Rodriquez was not indicted until 2018.

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Why is he being deported to El Salvador after he serves his sentence?

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Perhaps because it’s his nation of citizenship, where he was born and where he lived prior to illegally entering the country (twice) and committing the crimes he was charged with.

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Served on a warm platter with an apple in the boar’s mouth.

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