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Mother and child in the sand

Sand sculpture at Revere Beach

Greg Cook took in the annual sand-sculpture festival at Revere Beach today. It runs through Sunday.

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Amazing. What a talent. The only sand castles I can make are shaped like an upside down pail

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Whether the sculptor intended it or not, what an evocative symbol of the mother-newborn relationship. Although the sculpture may wash away, the message is indelible. Needless to say, the Globe and Awards Committee dutifully ignored any photos or written coverage of this particular sculpture. If invited back next year, perhaps the sculptor can rename the statue "Family about to be Separated by Border Patrol" for the guaranteed win.

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And a miss.

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I had gone to the event last year, and could barely see anything due to the crowds and the heat. So glad I had the chance to see the art from the comfort of my own home....

Multiple Sclerosis + heat = a brain not able to fire all the neurons...

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