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Massport seeks bidders for Seaport parcel

South Boston Waterfront development

Where the Massport land fits into the context of Waterfront development.

Massport has started looking for companies willing to sign a long-term lease to develop up to 2 1/2 acres of land along Congress Street.

About 1.1 acres of the land is ready for development now - it's currently used as a parking lot. The rest would require building over an existing Silver Line right of way.

Massport says the land would support up to 600,000 square feet of "transit-oriented, mixed-use development," which wouldn't need as much parking on site as normally required by the city because of the proximity of Massport's new mega-garage.

Bonus: "Nearby open space and roadways ensure permanent city and water views."

Detailed bid documents (you need to ask for access, though).



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I know it won't happen because no one would make any money, but it would be great to see them throw all of those civic functions that actually make a successful community on here. Maybe a school, library, community rec center, etc

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How about a public park or a playground?

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Literally just open a brand new playground.

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It should also include sinking the Silver Line route under D Street (which it should have been originally anyway).

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You too can make short-term profits on property that will literally be under water in 50 years! Act fast!

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Ridiculous for many reasons.

The first one which comes to mind: Massport should not even own this land anymore.

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The various regional gov't fiefdoms have such a zero sum view of the world.

The parcel should be transferred to the city and then leased with the benefit going to Massport in part but the idea that Massport should be a REIT of any sort is just dumb.

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Everyone in Massachusetts "owns" Massport -- so why wouldn't you transfer the asset to the state so that everyone can continue to benefit from the ownership, rather than just Bostonians?

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But my assumption is that, much like say liquor licenses, maybe stuff being done within Boston can be managed by Boston. If Massport gets compensated through lease profit sharing, etc... that's state money. I'm not proposing a 'seizure' of state land by the city, just local control and management within the purview of regional, organized development.

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Because why should someone in Springfield or Weymouth have say over what happens in Boston? Why should they profit just as much as Bostonians? They sure as hell aren't sending millions this way.

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Apparently you need to do some homework about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Every governmental / quasi governmental entity in the Great and Glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts is in fact a "Department of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts"

This goes back to Colonial Days when to become a Town you needed to prove to the Legislature that you has sufficient number of residents to have a minister and a school master

Such as what happened to a settlement once called Cambridge Farms -- now known as Lexington

So in this case Massport is the Commonwealth just as is Boston

Now of course modern interpretations of Ancient Laws and Principles lead to jurisdictional feuds where the Mass State Police have ticketed Boston Police vehicles over-parking at Massport controlled meters in the Seaport and various other kinds of similar events

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New city hall.....

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