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Longtime West Roxbury pizza man dies, 71

George DeFina, 71, owner of DeNo's on Centre Street in West Roxbury, died Saturday.

DeFina, who grew up in Roxbury and graduated from the Boston Trade High School, opened DeNo's in 1983.

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I live in Roxbury, in a house that was owned by one George Defina at the 1940 census. He lived in the house with his 4 children, Anthony, Andrew, Carmela, and Immaculate. All 5 of them were born in Italy. I believe that George Vincent Defina was the grandson of the George Defina who owned my house. Wish I had had a chance to meet him. My condolences to the family.

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Little League team sponsors, donated a lot of pizza over the years for school events and such. That and the fact their pizza was good should make you think twice about ordering from a mega pizza franchise. RIP Mr. DeFina and thanks!

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Is also where my father went to school. It closed a long time ago, and my Dad is about 3 years older than this gentleman was. May he rest in peace.

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A lot of guys went to Trade and went on to earn a living, it was a good thing for many.

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Pluse leftovers of a GIANT sub today.

And all I saw was a notice that they were open on Easter.

Enjoy his pizza frequently at the Train Museum in Roslindale Wednesday nights. They've been delivering to us for over a decade.

thanks for all the good food Mr. DeFina!

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