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Last one out of the tavern, shut the lights

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on the end of yet another old-time Boston bar, this time the Four Winds on Commercial Street in the North End.

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... is watching the Red Sox lose the third (and final) game of the 2005 American League Division Series to the White Sox.

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So now, it can be established that me and Ron are not the same person.

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is a Mayor for the working class.

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I used to work in that neighborhood. I do remember that place - hardly ever in the downstairs, but work gatherings in that function room upstairs.

Too bad that it has closed. It was nice - not oversized, not kitschy, not a dive, not a chain, not in-your-face anything. Just a nice, local place where you could anything from a drink to a buffet.

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I wonder how much the owner of the license is getting for it.

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