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La Casa de Pedro en Watertown dice adios

Boston Restaurant Talk reporta.

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Pedro did great food. He took over what I nicknamed the "cursed space" in the Arsenal (because two places came and went within a couple of years) and made it go a long time.

As I recall, someone talked him into a lousy situation in the Seaport and it wound up killing both places.

Let's face it: if you don't like national chains in a setting that looks like midtown Manhattan, then there's no reason to be at the Seaport.

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That Seaport location is in a complete retail dead zone.

It's not on Seaport Blvd or the water like all of the other successful restaurants in the area, and there's no hotel above it.

Basically when you're the one place off the "strip", and not in the bottom of a hotel, you will probably not do very well.

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but it won't be in a couple of years when all the construction surrounding it is completed.

Remember, a few months ago people were complaining because of noise and loitering around the Seaport location, as the owners ran it more like a club and less like a restaurant.

The food had gone downhill, the prices were higher in the Seaport than the restaurant in Watertown, and the space was too big and rent was too high to stay competitive.

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Is a long time when you're carrying that amount of space/rent. The space was way too big for a restaurant like that. Not really sure what he was thinking.

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