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Just a tiny little track fire; still, caused the Blue Line to expire

The Aquarium T stop was evacuated this morning because of a track fire that a T worker put out with an extinguisher.

To be on the safe side, of course, the T has suspended Blue Line service between Government Center and Airport and is now busing passengers. Except, as Annie Noel reports from Maverick:

Stranded at Maverick, & told that shuttles are not guaranteed and that we should take an Uber.

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Is he going to have to frown at a press conference and promise vague results in the distant future 2 days in a row?

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Jabbering about his expertise on climate change while giving tax breaks to developers in the vulnerable Seaport, doing his best to force people off the T and into cars, and eliminating tax breaks for electric cars.

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We want a T that runs good?

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Why on earth is Baker and his dept heads in London during this time of crisis

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I gave the mbta a try for the last year or so. Bought the monthly pass, take it everyday. Enough is enough...getting back on the bicycle. Bye bye mbta.

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Is this what the T is telling people now? They cannot guarantee service so take an Uber?

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