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It's official: That was some storm

Two boats on Carson Beach

Never mind all the talk about dropping pressure and bombogenesis and stuff: The mark of a true nor'easter in Boston is when a boat washes up on Carson Beach (added points if it then stays there for weeks on end). Roving UHub photographer Jim Gavaghan provides all the evidence we need that that was some blow overnight: Not one, but two boats washed up on the beach.

Another roving UHub photographer, who prefers to remain anonymous, shows us the back side of the blue and white boat (we're going to assume it was moored off the beach and was not actually blown there all the way from Salem, but who knows?):

The grounded Cordial sailboat

2012. 2017 (OK, Castle Island). 2018.



There was another grounded boat in Quincy as well.

also seems to be washed up.

...was driving in this morning, and seeing a port-a-potty flipped on its side near the Tip O'Neill Building. One hopes it flipped sans occupant.

recently emptied as well.

M Street beach. The bathhouse separates the self absorbed people from the common folk on Cape Carson.

The first picture shows 2 boats at M Street. The second picture shows 1 boat at Carson.

Our power went out shortly after midnight and still hasn't been restored. The fierce winds and torrential rain kept me up for at least two hours while I was checking things in and around the house. Around 3 am it got very quiet, like someone turned the storm off all of a sudden. I've see plenty of Nor'easters, this one was indeed one hell of a storm, so many trees down and people without power!

On this post by the the NWS Boston's Facebook page. Among other things, there's a picture of a Southwest Airline's jet that was pushed into something at Logan Airport by the wind:


Nor'easter vs Southwester!

Scituate remembers Etrusco grounding at 60th anniversary


That's not the same boat from a different angle; the top boat is a yawl (or ketch? can't quite tell at this angle) while the Cordial is a sloop. Also notice the absence of horseshoes on the Cordial, in addition to the overall smaller, lighter shape.