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Hong Kong freedom protesters march from State House to Chinatown; met by Trump-quoting backers of Beijing dictators


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What does that mean? Which side's signs are these?

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But somehow I missed any quotes by the President. Perhaps some people like to stretch to see things that might not be there.

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"I understand the Chinese mind."

― Donald Trump, The Art of the Deal

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but "STOP BIASED FAKE NEWS" is straight out of the Trump playbook.

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I somehow missed the photos below the break.

Still, it's a bit of a stretch. I'm certain that the President didn't coin the phrase, and sure that the CCP would have coined a similar phrase if it didn't exist.

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come on man, trump himself takes credit for coining the phrase.

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Do you take all that credit on face value? I don't.

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The white crescent and star on blue field flag is the flag of Xinjiang separatists, some of whom are jihadists who engage in terroristic actions.


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'Some of those look like more than mere freedom protesters'

Actually, just the opposite.
'Appointment is a ‘poke in the eye’ to Beijing and could signal a stronger focus on human rights in Washington, analysts say'
President Trump is taking a hard line on human rights abuses in China. It's true, but goes against the narrative. But, it's true...
FTA: 'Citing serving and former American officials, US-based Foreign Policy magazine reported on Thursday that Elnigar Iltebir, a Harvard-educated academic and daughter of a prominent Uygur intellectual, was appointed the US National Security Council’s director for China.'

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