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Hong Kong clashes come to Emerson College

WGBH reports on an incident involving a protest by students from Hong Kong and an ad hoc counter-protest by students from mainland China, one of whom said "You're not going to be happy if someone tells you that your government and your country is a murderer.”



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My government has blood on its hands- most recently the blood of the Kurdish. Instead of being angry at people who point this out, why not work to fix the problem? The Chinese seem to have this idea that if they pretend human rights violations don't happen, they'll go away.

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Anyone who's ever spent any time in the PRC will tell you that the people's attitudes toward their country and their government are very complex, and are informed by a long history of foreign interference and internal conflict. Any statement that includes "The Chinese seem to have this idea" is almost certainly going to be overly simplistic.

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Well, pretty sure we hear that all the time. But then again, not sure how happy we are as a nation. . . well played, China.

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JY-NAH has spoken

no free speech for anyone

over here, over there, it doesn't matter

when usually outspoken American NBA coaches dodge a question regarding free speech then you know you've got some problems

the worlds biggest market is beginning to call the shots in this century and our craven, soulless, greedy corporations and politicians will gladly bend to their wishes

and not a word from trumpy

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Yup, Trump is a spineless wiener for not speaking up for free speech. Agree 100%.

Unfortunately, he has a lot of company. Want to take back the White House and the country? Now's your chance, Democrats and Republican challengers and alternative political parties.

Who's going to speak up for free speech? They'll get my vote and they'll get my business.

In the meantime, I'm not so excited anymore about the next Celtics season. Waiting to hear from you, Wick Grosbeak and company.

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The 70th aniversart of the communist take over of their country is beyond me. Stockholm Syndrome on an epic scale. How may does under Mao's Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward? The worse mass murderer in human history.

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As well say "How any American person could celebrate genocide is beyond me", and yet, here we have Columbus Day weekend coming up. And Americans as a whole have only the vaguest notion of shameful events in our history.

Does the average American comprehend the truth of our country's history any more than the average Chinese person does? Why would we expect them to have a better grasp of their history than we do our ours?

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That would be a fun student activity.

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A lot of Hong Kong Chinese left after the British handover in 2000. They knew what was coming, and it won't be pretty.

Didn't XI declare himself 'president for life'. Isn't that what a dictator is?

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People from different countries shouldn’t bring their country’s problems here. Take it inside, and talk it out.

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Chinese students harrass Hong Kong and Uighur students on Weibo, rip up signs and spit in their faces. Why does Emerson and other colleges not expel students who harrass or threaten other students?

The one saying “You're not going to be happy if someone tells you that your government and your country is a murderer” needs to learn Chinese recent history. Here is the history of murder:

This is the only the recent incidents. There are many more. Google Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen incident and ethnic cleansing of Tibetans and Uigurs. It never stops, no one is ever punished, Chinese people are blind to cult of Xi.

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About John Lennon. Imagine there's no countries.

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The NBA, or at least its commissioner, has apparently fallen prey to an outbreak of integrity.


China Central Television strongly objected:

"We voice our strong dissatisfaction and opposition to Adam Silver offering as an excuse the right to freedom of expression.We believe that no comments challenging national sovereignty and social stability fall within the scope of freedom of expression.”

There is, of course, an appropriate response to this: "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on."

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