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Harvard humor magazine apologizes for 'shopping Anne Frank's head onto the body of a woman in a bikini

The Harvard Lampoon vows to be more careful in the next school year, the Harvard Crimson reports.



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Too soon

Sure, this is certainly sophomoric, but how is it anti-Semitic?


The magazine did not express any anti-Jewish sentiment and did not indicate any positive notion of Anne Frank's death by the Nazi's. Is the line that nothing but positive things can be said about anyone who happens to be Jewish. (Would it be OK if I said, I think Alan Dershowitz is a bit of a jerk?)


Disney's "Song of the South" did not portray Uncle Remus in a way consistent with the worst and most harmful stereotypes of African Americans. Was this portrayal non-racist?

Would it have been racist if, instead of Anne Frank, it had been MLK in a Speedo? Personally, I think not.

Next question?

The image did not require a speech bubble or caption calling her the k-word or including a Star of David for it to be anti-Semitic, and you don't need to include a paragraph screed outlining your belief in a specific racist ideology either. It's just about what people and events you find yourself comfortable trivializing and (pardon) lampooning. If you decide to make light of a real or fictional domestic abuse of a woman, you don't need to elaborate further in order for that to be sexist. You can do so trivially, without a lot of thought invested into it, and that'd still be sexist.

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As the Crimson article states:

The image depicts a cut-out of Frank’s face superimposed on an image of a woman in a bikini. It also includes a caption reading, “Gone Before Her Time: Virtual Aging Technology Shows Us What Anne Frank Would Have Looked Like if She Hadn’t Died.”

“Add this to your list of reasons the Holocaust sucked,” the caption continues.

Sure, photoshopping a dead teenager's head onto a pinup model picture is super crass and there's no statement there about Judaism or Jews in the picture alone. They just picked a famously dead young person whose image is probably most recognizable by the broadest group of people. That made the joke what it is (which isn't even that great of a joke).

But the addition of the continued caption about needing this as another reason to hate the Holocaust probably pushes it a bit over the line into anti-Semitic. At that point, you're saying, "It's not just funny to think that she would have turned out hot if she hadn't died young...but it's also funny because she was killed because she was Jewish and caught by the Nazis too!".

It's not the most anti-Semitic joke ever told, but it's also not a joke that needed to be told either given the nature of the victim used as a punchline. Name another famous dead teen and replace Anne Frank with that person instead and ask whether the joke would be as funny, edgy, blue, or black and the answer is likely no, which means it's more about Anne Frank than it is about mocking clickbait headlines with stupid photoshopped pictures like this one.


If Anne Frank were alive today, she'd probably be dead by now.

With the freedom to live how she wanted and believe what she wanted.

The holocaust didn't just happen overnight. It was the result of decades of snide remarks and misinformation about Jews until it seemed "prudent" to make them identify themselves and later isolate (and kill) them in the name of security and nationalism.

It's not a joke and it's terrifying to see it happen again, particularly in this country.


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grow up, man.

Anne Frank, MLK Jr, and Barbara Walters were all born in the same year, 1929.

If MLK Jr is still alive, then that's gotta be the greatest cover-up of all time.

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This is all it takes to offend people in Cambridge ? It’s kind of directionless low brow art but it’s nof really outwardly offensive just dumb


There are literally countless other people who weren't killed in a genocide, and who haven't become a symbol of remembrance of that horrific slaughter, they could have photoshopped. If you're not deeply offended by this, do some soul searching. Or maybe just admit how you really feel.


I'm reading through the comments, and I'm wondering why you're allowing blatantly anti-Semitic and bigoted people to comment on your site. They're not even trying to hide it.

None of them make even a pretense of civility. They are utterly determined to be as toxic as they can. And they have a platform here.

Deplatforming works.

I'm tired of hearing this "slippery" slope bullshit about removing comments and banning users who peddle in hate. They act like it's a 1st Amendment issue. It's not. What people post and say on a private website can be regulated and removed at the owner of the website's pleasure.

Is obviously not from the City. I bet he's one of those Cantabrigians. They always defend Harvard.