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Gigi the gorilla dead at 47


The Franklin Park Zoo reports that Gigi, a 47-year-old lowland gorilla, was euthanized this morning after suffering from a number of health conditions that had worsened in recent days.

In May, Gigi underwent a comprehensive exam including a CT scan, liver biopsy, and ultrasound in the hopes of determining the cause of ongoing health issues. The CT scan revealed that she had renal disease and liver and uterine tumors. Both of her kidneys showed irreversible chronic degenerative change. Following the CT scan, she underwent a successful ureteral stent procedure to relieve what appeared to be a partial obstruction of urine flow. Gigi responded extremely well to the stent procedure, which greatly improved her quality of life over the past six months.

In recent months, Gigi enjoyed the opportunity to go on exhibit where she could often be seen in her favorite spots holding her favorite stuffed toy – a purple monkey with bananas printed on it. Throughout her illness she spent a lot of time behind the scenes where her care staff worked tirelessly as they closely monitored her behavior, administered medications and worked to improve her food consumption, while doting on her constantly with some of her favorite enrichment. Gigi’s favorite enrichment items included blankets, which she was often spotted carrying and making “nests” with and stuffed toys, which she would cradle and carry wherever she went. She also loved food treats including banana peels, grapes, celery, oatmeal, escarole and yogurt.

Gigi was born at the Cincinnati Zoo on July 13, 1972. She moved to Stone Zoo in 1980 and, after giving birth twice, moved to the Franklin Park Zoo in 1989, with the opening of the Tropical Forest Pavilion.

In a statement, Zoo New England CEO John Linehan added:

We hope that people will keep Gigi’s care team in their thoughts during this sad time. The staff is incredibly dedicated and attentive, and they doted on Gigi.

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I hope she was not in much pain.

Just a friendly reminder that conservative radio host John Dennis compared a Franklin Park Zoo gorilla to black children. Would you be shocked to learn that he loves Trump?

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Just a friendly reminder that you don't have to connect everything to things you hate.

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You must when you are afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome.

But seriously, my God. It is Thanksgiving and we can't post a memory of a beloved gorilla without mentioning Trump??? Find something to enjoy in life to at least distract you from your hatred for a few minutes.

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Because it is what he does. All the time. It’s all about the hate.

That said, bummer about Gigi. She’ll be missed.

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i despise that "man" but give it a rest, dude

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It was Gerry Callahan. I am not defending him, just pointing out a factual error. Dennis was his partner on air at the time, but he specifically did not say that.

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It sounds like Gigi's last few months were made as happy and comfortable as possible. My thoughts are with zoo staff and especially her loving care team.

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That’s sad. Gigi brought smiles to many faces. Was Gigi a Silverback Gorilla?

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Silverback gorillas are older males, going grey. Not a species or subspecies.

I guess females don't go grey as quickly?

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Are mature males. Usually the dominant male in a group is referred to as "the" silverback - but I believe other mature males will live in the troop. But God help the other male if he tries to mate - you don't want to try and take things from a dominant silverback - even if you're a gorilla!

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So if the group's dominant male is the only gorilla "allowed" to mate -- would he be referred to as King Schlong?

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But seeing primates in them is a bit creepy, they never look content.
But the way the world is going it's probably the only hope for keeping them from going extinct. RIP Gigi

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.... the National Zoo in DC. It was still mostly horribly Victorian in those days. Things have definitely improved with better design. But I agree, it’s not always easy to see apes or even other animals in captivity. When Little Joe went walkabout a few years back in the wild of Franklin Park, I was happy for him. Must have been the best adventure of his life.
Gigi’s gorilla family and friends must miss her. She seemed to have a nice personality.

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They talk like the gorilla was so happy to be in cold, miserable Boston, they should’ve sent it home to Africa where it belongs in the first place.

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You haven't been to the Tropical Forest building then.

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Right. Where she would have been poached or her home invaded upon by humans mining for coltan and other minerals (used in your cell phone), or taking down the forests for wood and farming. Until you are willing to live your life dramatically different, so that the forests of Africa can be undisturbed and these magnificent animals can survive, don't blame people who are trying to make sure these animals don't go extinct.

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