Friends, police search for woman last seen outside downtown bar

Missing woman
Olivia Ambrose

UPDATE: Found alive in Charlestown.

NBC Boston reports on the disappearance of Olivia Ambrose, 23, a new Jamaica Plain resident last seen outside Hennessy's on Union Street around 11 p.m., Saturday.

She was wearing a white/beige/grey coat with a red corduroy dress and Doc Martens and was last seen in the company of this guy.

Any info? Call 911 or detectives at 617-343-4248


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This Guy!

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Is a parents worst nightmare.

Why have you already

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Why have you already convicted the guy? There's nothing that has linked him to anything. If he did something, at least wait for evidence


We don't know that yet

All we know is that she was last seen with that guy, and may have left with him.

It may be as sadly simple as running off the road on their way to wherever.

Lets hope that it is just a "lost weekend" and that she turns up soon.


So scary. I can't even

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So scary. I can't even imagine what her family is feeling/going through right now.


Knew a guy years ago

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Who was one of the last to see the swedish nanny alive.

It ain't fun being completely innocent yet associated with something terrible.

Don't start rumors.


Wow, don't you feel stupid

If there's anything the news and misinformation cycle has shown us this past week, it's that we should wait for complete and accurate details to surface before judging.

This is awful..

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I really hope she's found safe, but it's now Monday and she's still missing, I'm worried for her and feel terrible for her family.


All too familiar

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It is just odd this story is eerily similar to the Zachary Marr incident last year. I hope she is found safe and sound. Prayers with her family!


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Source on this statement?

hard things to read

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the media is powerful. i did not feel good about the skinny white dude. seems he is no longer a person of interest. shows how subjective and disconnected from facts ones impressions as a media consumer can be. i have the same bad feeling about the new person(s) of interest.

this poor girl was in no shape to be venturing home alone, and it appears the only people who really noticed that were possibly not very good people. i usually regard drunk women letting strangers on the street escort them to be a bad thing. it's possible she did not experience how drunk she really was until she was away from her friends at Hennesy's.

i am hoping that she will be found in okay shape.

drunk women letting strangers on the street"

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I know your intention wasn't to blame the victims...but any person (not just a woman) who is too intoxicated to make good decisions isn't really "letting" someone do anything. They are normally too impaired to make any sound decision. I think her friends were distracted, lost track of her in a crowded bar I could see that happening, and a predatory person took advantage of this. It's just a very sad situation but the only blame I'd place would be on the person(s) who may have taken advantage of her intoxication and harmed her. Of course, I am hoping she's OK and no harm has come to her, but the more time that passes, the less likely it seems.