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Four-alarm fire heavily damages two Dorchester three deckers

Firefighters at one charred building

The Boston Fire Department reports 20 people were displaced by a fire that struck 39 and 41 Mt. Everett St early this morning.

No residents were injured, the department says, estimating damage at $1 million for each building.

The cause is under investigation.

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Okay, maybe this wasn't due to fireworks or a grill on a covered back porch, but that's the stuff of nightmares for those of us who live in a densely populated area full of wood frame buildings over 100 years old. I'm glad no one was hurt and hope that the displaced residents can find other housing.

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And bottle rockets and Roman candles (sorry if that’s offensive to Roman). That’s the stuff we used to sneak back from NH. I’m quite sure there were fires and injuries back then too. They don’t sell that stuff anymore which makes sense. They now sell these huge displays that fire up multiple rounds of rockets which are way more powerful than the old shit we used to hurt our hands with (and the occasional eye). These new displays often tip over and then you’ve got a scene similar to a war zone with powerful rockets firing all over the place, with velocity, followed by a big boom. I say bring back the firecrackers and jumping jacks.

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And sparklers, too. Just keep a hard ban on aerial fireworks.

It would be helpful if the city/state also set up a free, online permitting system for setting off fireworks, the same way towns give out burn permits. When you want to set off a firecracker in your driveway, you first fill out an online form. so that 311/911 has record of it. A permit system also gives an opportunity to force applicants watch a 30-minute video and pass a short quiz. The video should include graphic imagery of what could go wrong.

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