Finally: An original take on Boston crime stories

City On A Hill (2019) Official Trailer | Kevin Bacon SHOWTIME Series

We can't wait for this new Showtime series, because of its exciting story line involving an intrepid prosecutor going after corrupt, racist cops and hockey-mask-wearing armored-car holdup guys in Charlestown. All those Roslindale-based movies have gotten a bit tiresome, even if, as Jay Kraft notes the chase scenes through the Arboretum are always spectacular.





Yup, That's the Magistrate Session

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And that's the lobby right outside the Magistrate Session, too, right down to the session list hanging on a clipboard outside the door. The hallway with the Trial Court seal at :39 and the courtroom at 1:13 don't look familiar, but if you wanted to wait out a snowstorm at a wood-paneled bar near the courthouse, The Last Hurrah really is like two blocks away.

To be fair...

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it's wicked haaaaahd to do a good Baaaahstin accent.

Good bye Boston accent

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I’ve know, and encountered, plenty of adults with Boston accents, but I don’t know of any children in Boston proper with a Boston accent. I asked my kids who go to BPS schools, including a very large city wide one, and they say they have never met anyone their age with a Boston accent.

Is it just dying out, or where did it go?

Good bye Boston Accent

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It's dying, my friend. My kids (in their 20's) make fun of me (me: "I can't go"; kid 3: "what was that, Dad"; me: "I said I can't go"; kid 3: "speak up, Dad"; me: "I said I ca... you bastard!"). T.v. killed more than the radio star...

“I wanna go into Charlestown

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“I wanna go into Charlestown and I wanna... stop at the Whole Foods and buy some organic eggs”


Ask the same question to

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Ask the same question to Marty's pals. The media silence on the Vietnamese community in Dorchester is appalling.

Hey , I just wanted to say it

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Hey , I just wanted to say it’s gonna be all right , buddy. Everything’s gonna pull through for you. Everything at home is gonna turn around for you. Also, thanks for continually being my own personal troll on Uhub! It’s endearing.


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Yes, things were tougher & grittier in 1992. Back then it was Bread & Circus.


To be fair,

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the Whole Foods location on Austin St. used to be a Johnnie's Foodmaster.

I'll tune in.

Jonathan Tucker is always worth watching.

And Showtime has a good record with locally shot programming. "SMILF" is fantastic.

The good old days

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Back in the good old days at least when corrupt cops took payoffs at least they arrested someone. Today they shake down the state, MBTA and private companies for details and make over 200,000 and do little or no police work. Why do these movies always show district attorneys who make peanuts living large in downtown condos? There are more bank presidents living in Charlestown today then bank robbers and rich developers are robbing poor people in the hood more than the Irish gangsters ever did.


Maybe the DA started at a

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Maybe the DA started at a well to do law firm and then decided to "do something" and took a low paying job as a DA. I've seen similar things.

Still waiting for a Turkey

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Still waiting for a Turkey Liberation Front animated series detailing their underground fight for freedom in Brookline’s seedy underbelly.


There was one in development

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There was one in development at Adult Swim, but the powers-that-be at Robot Chicken got it shelved.

Fowl play, I tellya.

Not me

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I hate them. They are generally insulting and inaccurate


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I especially liked the docks in Watertown and the suspension bridge in Stoughton. Uncannily authentic!