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Developers win approval for waterfront building in East Boston

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a 15-unit residential building at 181-183 Coleridge St., on the water at Wood Island.

The board did, however, ask the BPDA to ensure that a handicap-accessible unit designed to be below possible flood levels does not, in fact, flood. Board Chairwoman Christine Araujo said she wanted to be clear that "it's not presented in any way shape or form that we're giving relief to a unit that's below flood elevation."

The proposed Residences on Coleridge Coast would sit on a street named for poet Samuel Coleridge, one of whose most famous works is a poem about the sea, albeit one in which almost everybody dies horribly.

Ryan Acone of Rock Development said he and his team would work to ensure methods are in place to keep the unit from filling with water during a flood at their proposed Residences at Coleridge Coast.

The proposal still needs BPDA approval.

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everyone will have to die horribly (hopefully not), but everyone will have to move away to make room for the ocean in the coming years. best build this unit with really cheap materials.

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Do they build them any other way these days?

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