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Developer tries again with plans for new housing complex at old Radius Hospital site in Roxbury

Proposed 45 Townsend St. development

Architect's rendering.

A developer has filed revised plans for the old Radius Hospital site on Townsend Street in Roxbury that now call for 300 apartments and 232 parking spaces.

Kensington Investment Co. had originally proposed 322 apartments on the nearly five-acre site in 2017.

Rather than providing all of its required affordable units as condos somewhere else in the neighborhood, as originally proposed, Kensington is now proposing roughly 22 affordable apartments to be included in the development itself, with another 22 or so affordable condos to be built within a half mile of the site.

The company, which had originally hoped to start construction this year, is now aiming for early 2020, with completion targeted for early 2022.

45 Townsend St. draft project impact report (9.5M PDF).

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That's a big parcel of land, boy.

It's nice to see some condos in the mix (offsite) although it would probably be better if it had split the mix of the 322 apartments in half instead and put some condos onsite.

As several Boston city councilors have pointed out, homeownership can be a way to build wealth, which is not happening as much in Roxbury, etc.

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For parking in this area or was a variance granted? Seems like not enough parking for 322 units. And please, no preaching about how parking is not needed. It is if you own a vehicle.

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And please, no preaching about how parking is not needed. It is if you own a vehicle.

You fail to see the irony in this statement....

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According to the most recent US Census American Community Survey, 43% of Roxbury households do not own a car and 41% have only one car.

At 0.8 parking spaces per household, this proposal may have too much parking.

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I was thinking the same thing. Seems like a lot of parking given the current car ownership rates in Roxbury. Furthermore, if people are worried about gentrification, providing lots of off-street parking is a pretty much a guaranteed way to bring in people with higher incomes.

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The statistics from the BPDA do not reflect reality. There are many people sleeping on a friend’s couch etc. who are not on anyone’s lease. Townsend St. in particular has too little parking . A lower income population has more individuals who work in the evening and commute by car because of their schedules. Roxbury has dozens of lots selling refurbished cars, so it’s easier to get a car than it is to obtain an apartment. These folks don’t vote either which also causes some problems.

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The statistics I cited come from the US Census Bureau not the BPDA.

Take a look at: https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml?

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You should pay for the parking for it, not all the other tenants without vehicles.

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