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Developer seeks to replace multi-family building across from Roslindale Square parking lot with even larger multi-family building

Architect's rendering of Roslindale building

Architect's rendering showing shadow residents jogging in front of newly featureless health center.

A Dorchester developer has filed plans with the BPDA to replace a three-story, six-family house next to the Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center on Taft Hill Terrace with a four-story, 16-condo building.

Eoin Barry's $4.5-million building would be across Taft Hill Terrace from the Roslindale Square municipal parking lot - and a new 19-unit condo development. He is proposing 14 parking spaces in a ground-floor garage.

Most of the units would have two bedrooms, but three would have one bedroom and two would have three bedrooms under his plans, filed with the BPDA this week. Two of the units would be sold as affordable.

11 Taft Hill Terrace small-project review application (16.8M PDF).

The proposed view from Adams Park:

Proposed new building as seen from Adams Park

The proposed view from Basile Street, near Dragon Chef:

Proposed new building as seen from Basile Street


Exactly the kind of housing we need and should encourage in Roslindale Square. Roslindale again leading the way in building transit-oriented and walkable housing close to its main commercial district.

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But where do the people work so that they can walk there? Roche Brothers?

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I think Rob was implying that the condos are within reasonable walking distance to public transit, which they arguably would be.

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The job has to be on the other end of the public transportation, at hours that are covered by service too. Not everybody can work on the orange line.

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Yeah, since not EVERYONE will use transit, building homes near train stations is a waste of time and money! Only people who have jobs they could get to by train would even consider it!

At least, it sounds like that's what you're saying. But I think you're wrong. You could apply the same logic to driveable neighborhoods and you'd be equally won't. Living near transit in a nice little neighborhood is great and something a ton of people are looking for. I'm not the only one who prefers walking and getting around without a car. Transit is great for that lifestyle.

Now, could I afford to live in one of these new places? Maybe not now... But if we keep on adding sixteen units where we have six right now, maybe soon I will be.

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And amenities like a super market, stores, restaurants, etc and yes commuter rail and about a dozen bus lines.

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not one family moves into this "multi family" development. Kind of an oxymoron.

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You would lose your money if you bothered to keep track of your bet. Sadly this is the same bet that has been placed for decades. Let's get over it.

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My favorite internet asshole move is deciding who is a family and who isn’t.
Quick look at sales at the existing new condos and a 4/2 sold for $560K. That’s a more reasonable family house than any SF you find nearby.

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Proceed at full steam. Please contact citizens bank to build on their parking lot too.

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And agreed with others. This should be built. I will write a letter in support. We need more of this in the square. Really wish we could go even taller. I think there should also be a high- rise office building in the square. We need more mid-day foot traffic. I hope one day we will get enough 20-something’s to support more diverse night-life in the square. I have kids, but I do feel like having more young adult activity is good for the neighborhood (especially once my kids become teenagers).

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I know everyone has their opinion, and here's mine: More of these types of high-rise condos, putting in a bigger office building, it's all completely changing the character of Roslindale Village/Square. And more foot traffic for teenagers at night? Get ready for graffiti, litter/trash and problems. . You mark my words...

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Interested to see how this develops..

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