A delay most fowl: D Line slowed by owl

Owl and MBTA worker

The MBTA reports delays on the Riverside Line due to an injured owl caught between the tracks at Brookline Hills, but that a worker safely removed Hooty and handed him over to the town's animal control officer.



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oh no

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It's a real Hoodunit

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Letters delayed

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Somebody's Hogwarts admission letter is delayed...

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He doesnt look like he's in good shape

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Hope he wasn't poisoned.

But our area wildlife rehabbers are the greatest!

Feel better soon, wee beastie!

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All credit for the rescue

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All credit for the rescue call goes to a sweetheart operator named Jeanel.

She spotted the owl while driving the trolley and she was the only one who cared enough to inform central control to send over an inspector to check on and rescue the owl. There were other operators who quickly commented on the radio that this owl had been there on the tracks all day and even since last night but nobody gave a shit but her! Three cheers for Jeanel!!

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indistinguishable from ass? talking 'bout the bird. maybe bird expect can chime in

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