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David Ortiz shot in the back in the Dominican Republic

Update, Monday a.m.: Ortiz remains sedated and in the ICU after an operation in which his gallbladder and part of his intestines were removed.

CDN 37, a news station in Santo Domingo, is reporting (in Spanish) that David Ortiz was shot in the back outside a bar tonight by two men who rode up on a motorbike - one of whom was quickly surrounded and beaten by bystanders.

Surveillance video (scroll down that page to see it) shows one of the men walking up behind Ortiz as he sat on a patio and shooting him point blank.

Ortiz was rushed to a local hospital and the man beaten by the crowd is under arrest.

A second man sitting with Ortiz, a Dominican TV host, was shot in the leg, CDN 37 reports.

Dionisio Soldevila, a reporter in Santo Domingo, reports that when Ortiz was brought into the emergency room, he told a doctor, "please don't let me die - I'm a good man."

Jose Monegro, director of El Dia newspaper, reports police say the shooting was not part of a robbery, "but does not offer further details because the investigation is ongoing."

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Damn that sucks


A second man was shot as well; he was the one who was shot in the leg.


Wishing a full and speedy recovery for Big Papi.

Further reports are saying it was a through and through in the lower back, missed all the important stuff and came out his belly. Same bullet hit the journalist Jhoel López in the leg. Ortiz was operated on and went home to recover. Both Ortiz and López are stable and out of danger.

The shooter looks to be in worse condition, because the people who caught him beat the tar out of him.


Neither article mentions Ortiz leaving the hospital - in fact, at the time I am writing this, he is still in recovery there, and will be flown to Boston as soon as he can travel. Lopez is the one who is no longer in hospital.

Nor does the second article you linked to mention the condition of the shooter. (The first link you used does say he was "almost lynched by the crowd" before the police took him into custody, but does not mention any other details. In the video that is circulating that is supposedly of the shooter, the guy is bloody but concious and moving all his limbs while sitting on the ground.)

That article at the time I posted it said, incorrectly, that Ortiz had been sent home to recuperate. It still says he is out of danger, which is obviously less than certain as well. Listin has been updating their articles. At first they also said that no internal organs were hit, which turned out to be incorrect as well. It's what they call a developing story. So jumping in ten hours later to nitpick is pretty pointless.

The second article has a picture of the shooter, Eddy Feliz García. Scroll down to see it if you want to. His face looks like hamburger. There are also videos elsewhere of the guys who caught him insulting his mother and grandfather and kicking him repeatedly in the face while he is covered in blood. Look them up if you want.

I find it interesting to look at what the newspapers say in a place where something happens. Sometimes you find out things sooner. Listín Diario is the most important newspaper in the DR, the largest in circulation and the oldest. Here is their front page online, which will probably have articles about Ortiz every hour for the next week.


You can read an article up there now that details the beating of the suspect.

It includes the following: “Le dieron golpes, patadas, hasta con botellas y chaticas. Algunos querían matarlo, pero varias personas impidieron eso para que hablará del por qué hizo eso”, comentó.

So yeah, he was nearly lynched.


You need those parts. Here's hoping he recovers as well as he can.

Written by a former Boston Police officer Eddie Dominquez details some of the shady characters who were parasites and associates of David Ortiz. He is a good man who was taken advantage of by these lowlifes. This looks like a planned hit on the hero of Boston Strong. I pray he makes a full recovery.


Boston Strong "Hero" isn't quite the right word. Papi is a beloved sports star definitely yes for the famous "THIS IS OUR F$$%ING CITY!" comment, but "hero" should be reserved for the police and people that provided medical attention to the victims.


Hero can mean different things. He really brought the city together, even for non-sports fans such as myself. He used his influence for good and his words morally helped those who were injured perhaps more than any other public figure.


That looked like an assasination attempt.
Get well David.



Yesterday it was reported that none of Ortiz' internal organs were injured. Today Leo López said that the operation was more extensive. Ortiz' liver was perforated and they also had to remove his gall bladder and part of his intestines. Ortiz is okay but will remain sedated and in intensive care for the next 24 hours.


On what would have been Martin Richards birthday, of all days. SMH.


Ortiz is revered in DR, almost like a God to them. So the fact that he got shot there is incredibly hard to believe. Add to that all the other stories that have come out recently....please don't go to DR, and don't let anyone you love travel there either.


are overstating the risks of traveling to the DR. The US State Department has it as a Level 2 travel risk ("Exercise increased caution.") That's not Canada, exactly, but it's not Venezuela, either.

The resort areas are still safe, the urban areas not so much. That's true of a lot of popular tourist destinations for Americans. You just have to exercise common sense.


The resort areas are where Americans died recently.


Another death, from April was just reported. May be a coincidence but four American tourists in three months is strange.


Per the Listin Diario Ortiz is going be transferred to Boston by air ambulance this afternoon or evening.

As reported by the Globe.

Probably already down there as I type this. They cleared him for air travel, they had to stabilize him first.

He's in serious condition.

People all over the US (Ya, even in Yankees counttry) are pulling for him.

had video of dude, bloody after his beat down. He's yelling out something in Spanish. Can someone translate, please?


Edit: Actually, after a review, there are many voices at that point in the video. He seems to not be saying much, if anything. Still, it would be great to be able to understand what's being said.

Appearing from nowhere and shooting someone in the back.

Desperate and poorly raised people plus lots of guns.

The latest news coming out of the DR is that the guy they caught was the getaway driver, not the triggerman, and the triggerman is still unknown and at large.


Ortiz himself is back in Boston, at MGH.