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Copley Square Boloco closes so that a Chick-fil-A can open

Sign announcing the closing of the Boloco in Copley Square

Ron Newman spotted this sign at the Boylston Street Boloco today.

The Zoning Board of Appeal approved Boston's first Chick-fil-A in February, after landlord Raj Dhanda decided he'd rather rent the space to that fried-chicken chain than the local burrito chain.

Boloco still have outlets at 1080 Boylston St., near Berklee College, and 175 Boylston St., near the Common.



Six months is our target to beat.


The UK site was a pop-up with a 6 month lease. The truth, who knows, but the reality, they didn't make long term plans to stay there.

NYC saw its first Chick Fil A open in 2015. Today the city has 10 locations.

But happy.

I am happy that I ate there today. I'll see if going the extra 5 blocks is in my future. Also, how much Chick Fil-A will I eat. Obviously I will be there opening day, but that's just to troll the rest of you (and eat that delicious chicken.)


Enjoy the heart disease with a side of hatred. It’s working out so well for those morbidly obese, poor, uneducated red states down south.


If you do, that’s really sad.

It’s amazing how ignorant some people are.


I would say easily yes , there’s healthier options at Boloco


Brown rice, white meat chicken, steamed broccoli and carrots, fresh beets, fresh corn salsa and cilantro...in a bowl... Pretty much a healthy meal I've eaten there for the past 15 years...


And your soul. Enjoy the poison while you can.


Yeah that's because you're a loser that hasn't seen his penis without the help of a mirror since Clinton's second term. Gotta have your little wins in life, I guess.


You three, and we all know what three I am talking about, should go jump off a bridge, preferably together.


More hate in those three comments than anything coming out of CFA HQ.


We know who is hateful and who is nice to one’s fellow people.


and not the latter.

I know it's real late in life for you to be learning basic civility, but socially acceptable bigotry is still bigotry. When confronted with it, decent and civilized people question their society rather than look for opportunities to punch down.

What about the guy wishing heart disease on me or the guy obsessed with my private parts? Were their comments really more civil than my comments that has reiterated my feelings all along- that I’m sad to see Boloco go but happy that CFA is arriving?

It would seem that you think uncivility is acceptable based on a person’s personal beliefs. I happen to think that one should set out to be civil. Interestingly, in looking at how CFA dealt with this controversy a few years ago, it is telling. The Cathy family stopped giving money to anti-gay marriage groups not as a financial issue but because Truett did not like how it was dividing people. He saw the mission of CFA as bringing people together.

Again, people like to be hateful. I’m not one of them. Do you like to be hateful?

I will step in and say I believe in civility and I made a statement lower on the page that said just that. I don't want my gayness used as an excuse to belittle others... But I'm also not going to sit by and stay quiet when you annoint some sort of political sainthood onto the Cathy Family. They stopped the most obvious actions simply because they got caught. Then they would try something else, get caught again and stop. To this day they are still bending and turning to use their chicken fueled fortune to fight equality and LGBTQ human rights across the globe. Most destructively in Uganda along with our very own Scott Lively.

Unlike the Barilla family and company they never really turned into their own hearts. Barilla stepped up and became a better person. Cathy just simply wants to hold these destructive beliefs and will continue to find ways to find them that doesn't affect his bottom line or social standing.

“Despite that in the past I have called for the boycott of establishments whose views I disagree with, I will patronize this restaurant whose views I agree with, just to spite you who disagree with said views.

Nana-Nana Boo-Boo!”

- Conservatives on the Internet


Obama had publicly stated he was in favor of breathing.


"You libs are pansy loser snowflakes who can't take it in the real world and also how dare you hurt the feelings of my favorite mediocre chicken restaurant"


Who brought the cool kid?

Nothing matters as much to you as pissing on other people.

Great now we’ve got homophobic chicken...


Thanks for that, I now have a new insult for bigots

Please stop posting Chik-Fil-A articles on Saturday night.

It's not like I can drive to NH or hit the frozen aisle. They are ALL closed and there is no substitute.


I am saddened that one of these establishments is moving into the heart of Boston... And that so many will gleefully shower in the bounty of fried chicken. I could look away from those who can't resist due to taste but am especially saddened by those who plan on attending to make some sort of political point. I understand many of the left are insufferable and it may be "fun" to stick it to em... But the issue on the table revolves around equality and human rights. I guess it's the gleeful attitude that bothers me.

Speaking of insufferable... How about the fat jabs e everytime this place or the South in general comes up. As if only Southerners are fat... As if only bigoted Southerners are fat... Seems to me like some take these situations as an excuse to say cruel things about attributes they dislike but think it's ok because they are "taking a stand." As a gay man who is also a very reluctant fat man all I can say is if you can't defend my gay side without insulting my fat side then I really don't want your help or support. If you are straight don't use defending gay rights and equality as an excuse to hide behind those sorts of nasty comments. Do that on your own time and your own issue.


Are thin from my experience.
How's their fried chicken sandwich?

@Matt Frank - thank you for speaking out. I support you all the way, for gay rights and against fat shaming.


Hopefully it’s not as crazy as the Dedham location.

Great food from a company that pays its employees a decent wage.


Boloco provides a tastier, healthier, less inhumane towards animals selection of offerings than Chick Awful.

Boloco has also supported safe streets initiatives in the Boston area. They participate in FoodForAll.

At least the Boloco Common is only a short walk away

And we can look forward to the opening soon of a new Clover in Copley Sq.


Completely agree. Boloco was a Boston company too. (It's even in their name.) They were a small chain and reflected the cities they operated in.

I'm always sad to see a national chain replace a local one. Too bad more people don't "shop local", particularly for something as generic as a chicken sandwich.


I can think of a handful of locations off the top of my head where I used to go for burritos. John Peppers must have saw the clouds on the horizon when he left the first time. I hope the ship ultimately is righted. They sell good food and staff have been top notch.


For every chicken sandwich sold, a gay Ugandan is killed.

I realize for some of our readers that is a feature, not a bug.


I chose not to patronize Chick-Fil-A. But let's not let others off the hook. Ugandans are responsible for their own homophobia. To suggest that Ugandans will kill gay people just because Chick-Fil-A is homophobic tells me you have little faith in the integrity of the Ugandan people.


I think you need to google "Scott Lively". You know, the exporter of homophobia who ran for governor of MA (twice) and got support from nearly a third of the delegates at last year's GOP convention and 36% in the primary.

I was always able to get a seat in the downstairs level--which may be one reason why they closed; it wasn't overly busy there.

I tried it when it first opened in Dedham. A big reason to eat fast food for me is not having to wait. But I had to wait a few minutes for my order of the original sandwich, fries, and a soda. It was 5:30 pm and busy, but not too. Basically a good time to go.

The chicken itself was hot and good but nothing special. The fries were lukewarm. The bun not heated or toasted. but the truly bad part was whatever was on the bun. Chick fil a's website says it was butter, but to me it tasted like oil with some "whatever is available" herbs and spices tossed in.

So based on taste alone, I'm not going back.

Yea for Popeye's moving in down the street!

Mayor Menino would have never allowed this.

But we can rest assured that it'll be the shortest tenured location in Chik-fil-a's history.

Ah, Saint Tom, how quickly we forget all his faults and missteps. Almost a Kennedy.

Thanks for your input anon!

who is organizing the picket lines?

sign me up