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Construction of Cambria Hotel on Canal Street could begin next year

Architect's rendering of proposed 104 Canal St. hotel

Architect's rendering

Construction of a 15-story, 90-room Cambria Hotel at 104 Canal St., at Valenti Way, should finally begin next year, five years after the city awarded a building permit, a lawyer for the property owner told the Zoning Board of Appeal today.

Ruth Silman was before the board to seek a one-year extension for the approvals it originally granted, which were scheduled to expire in February.

The board granted the extension after Silman said part of the delay was due to finding an operator for the building. With Choice Hotels signing on to run the hotel as its second Cambria Hotel in Boston, Kishorkumar Patel of Somnath Hospitality of Woburn can now focus on hiring a contractor to raze the current single-story building on the site and build the hotel, she said.

104 Canal Street small-project review application (5.1M PDF).

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This would be a great project for the area. That street could use some more density and livelihood. It's nice to see the West End being filled in. The area between Bullfinch Crossing and the Garden will be a hot spot within the next 5 years as those buildings wrap up and developers and small businesses see the potential in those streets.

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but taller.

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I like the old school tall, narrow design, seems appropriate for that neighborhood.

Maybe once the architect gets paid for this they can spring for some decent rendering software. We had better stuff when I was in college 18 years ago.

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Ugly is as ugly does. Software can't put a shine on an ugly sneaker.

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