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Condos could replace mufflers and bags off Market Street in Brighton

Architect's rendering of proposed 11 Faneuil St. building

Resisidents of proposed Faneuil Street building won't have far to go to get their cars washed or to see birds.

City Realty wants to replace a Meineke muffler shop and the Bagman on Faneuil Street in Brighton with a five-story, 41-condo building.

In a filing with the BPDA, the landlord and developer says five of the units would have three bedrooms, in the proposed $13.5-million building just off Market Street, behind the Scrubadub car wash.

The building would have 47 parking spaces in a "semi-automated parking system" with an additional four spaces for visitors or people with HP plates, as well as space for 52 bicycles.

The Proponent’s vision of the Project is to revitalize the neighborhood by replacing the existing commercial uses with a residential building that will add new housing units to the increasingly popular Brighton community. The Project Site is conveniently located off of Market Street, which historically has housed predominantly commercial uses, but has more recently evolved into a mixed-use corridor of Brighton with many larger residential housing projects. As part of the community benefits related to the Proposed Project, the existing and unsightly commercial building will be demolished, and will be replaced with a new energy efficient residential building.

In addition to the BPDA, the Zoning Board of Appeal will also have to approve the proposal.

11 Faneuil St. small-project review application (12.3M PDF).

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Thumbs up, however I wonder if the MBTA has any plans to deal with the increasing density in that area of Brighton.

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The MBTA has no plans, nor does the city.

"Build baby build" is the entirety of the strategy, and everything else will take care of itself.

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City Realty owns hundreds of units throughout the City, probably over a thousand of them by now. Based on what I’ve heard from people who’ve had to deal with them, these are not the kind of property owners you want in your neighborhood, and much less as landlord. They are such a greedy and inconsiderate landlord/developer that in 2014, the City Council held a special public hearing that had tenants testifying one after the other for several hours.


Yet, judging from the way they present themselves on their website and in page 6 of this proposal, these guys clearly think of themselves as the Second Coming! Sample quote from their filling with the BPDA: “City Realty has spent over 15 years as a valued community partner, setting the standard for what a property management and development company can be.” The self praising goes on for the better part of the page.

It would be nice if once in a while BPDA and ZBA used it's leverage to hold developers like City Realty accountable for all their BS over the years, but I am not holding my breath that it’s ever going to happen.

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There are NO good property management companies in the city. So one could say that City Realty is no better than any other [they're actually probably better than Alpha], but probably no worse either. Unfortunately they're just about unavoidable unless you like single family housing. Most condo associations even use these companies to run their maintenance and finances [often to great disaster].

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I disagree, based on my experience, most property management companies do between a fair and good job; it’s just that we never hear about those.

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My Somerville landlord uses ActionVest Management of Brighton, and they do an excellent job.

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Love them or hate them, City Realty is a machine. They have a solid team and they get projects approved, permitted, built or sold on to the next developer. It's not easy in the City of Boston to do any or all of the above, trust me, and someone has to be successful at contributing to our much needed housing supply.

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the existing and unsightly commercial building will be demolished

All I see is a well-maintained commercial building. They make it sound like it's a collapsing, rundown tenement. What else are they exaggerating about?


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47 parking spots for 41 units??? How is Boston supposed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions with new development like that? This location off of several bus lines and really close to the Boston Landing stop on the Worcester line. I too say build, baby, build, just without all that extra parking.

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Now where am I going to get my muffler fixed?!

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Why the dull gray? Here in Roslindale, a new apt building is going up near the square on Washington and they've just started cladding it in slate gray siding. Better than the usual ecru but barely. Why won't developers add color to their buildings? Outside of maybe certain historic districts, I don't think zoning prevents colors other than gray and beige from being used on these buildings and here we are.

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I'm no expert, but I do know that sunlight is brutal on any colored surface. I'm guessing that the colors (or lack thereof) that they are typically using are more impervious to the suns rays that a panel of color material. Or they just lack a creative bone in their bodies.

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The "unsightly commercial building will be demolished, and will be replaced..."

...with an unsightly residential building. Wow, is that thing ugly!

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Because there are 6 people looking out the windows.

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I saw this proposal go forward at an BAIA meeting a year ago.
It was one of many in a long line to get yelled down. IIRC it was after 38 Englewood and before the the Pot Dispensary on Beacon St.

It looks smaller now. I felt like that house next to it was more enveloped. Generally I am Yes Housing. The developers did seem like Jerkbags though.

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