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City council approves changes in the way pot shops get approved in Boston

The Globe reports on a council vote yesterday for a new city cannabis board that would determine who gets licenses in Boston - with an emphasis on local, minority owners. It's the result of an agreement between Councilor Kim Janey (Roxbury) and Mayor Walsh.

Proposed ordinance (5.9M PDF).



This may overall be a good change for more transparency but 3+ years after the vote passed with no stores in sight of being open in the city, this seems more bureaucracy that will delay shops being open even further. It's frustrating that it's this difficult to do something that has been implemented elsewhere without the same hurdles and delays.


Where the well connected can get their palms greased.


A red headed, left handed woman with a stutter wouldl get a leg up in the licensing process? She would be a minority.


White people aren't minorities.

With how many people, blacks especially, still in jail for weed related offenses, it's only right to allow that group to profit off of something they've been engaged with for years.

We have a lot of people from Boston in prison for weed?

Jailed, fined, minorities are disproportionately punished by the system for weed.

Good article about it on the Globe: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/marijuana/2019/05/03/two-years-after-le...

I understand the want to provide emphasis on local and minority owners in license approval but it seems they are missing the point in this whole process. It is the drawn out onerous process to get approval that is limiting the small time owners from entering the market.

Why would a small business owner put up a large amount of required investment capital, real estate requirements, and wait out a multi year long approval process with no guarantee of being granted the license? Only large firms with deep pockets can wait out the process to get approval for a license.

I have said it before and it bears repeating, open up the license process (or remove it entirety) to the entire community. Yes, there will be an initial flood of shops but eventually the supply will outstrip demand and only the best customer supported shops will remain in business.

Onerous regulatory processes only help the large companies that can afford to navigate the arbitrary hurtles place by local government.


When the Governor stacked the CCC with opponents the outcome was predetermined. Having legalization and sales go smootly and be a non-issue was the last thing they ever wanted.

As far as the ban on THC vapes goes, it's like people where going blind from drinking bathtub gin so you ban Budweiser


My gratitude to Althea Garrison for voting against this nonsense.


That anybody is fighting to have ownership over introducing more drugs and vice into into the neighborhoods says everything you need to know about Boston.
Pot shop is the same as a liquor store, degrades heath and well being of a community.

Kim Janey is a fool. QAE

Why in 2019 is it OK to legally descriminate against so called majority people?


Because minorities have been getting sent to prison and having their lives ruined for selling weed for decades (while "majority people" [LOL] get off with a slap on the wrist).


I would suggest socioeconomic status plays a far greater role vs skin color.

They're too vague. They need to be broken down.

Here's a globe article about it I just linked upthread. Not that you're open to hearing it.


I would suggest socioeconomic status plays a far greater role vs skin color.

Seriously? How are you enjoying your first day on this planet?


Because a disproportionate amount of minorities have been sent to jail for the same crimes of their white counterparts...who weren't sent to jail. The war on drugs was a war on minorities.

Look at how they are treating the opioid epidemic. Now go back and look at how they treated the crack epidemic.

Because in 2019 brown people are now the majority people.

White: 78.92%
Black or African American: 7.36%
Asian: 6.28%
Other race: 4.11%
Two or more races: 3.09%
Native American: 0.21%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.03%


White: 52.76% ⬅ this stat is 2 years old, and undercounts illegal immigrants
Black or African American: 25.26%
Asian: 9.48%
Other race: 7.16%
Two or more races: 4.95%
Native American: 0.37%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.03%


Legalization seems somehow racist now, doesn't it?

De facto, currently the market is ruled by minorities.


Legalization seems somehow racist now, doesn't it?


You can go now.


Thanks for playing, but this is about weed.