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Citizen complaint of the day: This sign in Brighton needs a warning sign

Sign too short in Brighton

A concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint about this sign on Faneuil Street in Brighton:

Not damaged ...JUST DANGEROUS! Bike lane sign is Dangerously SHORT!! Someone is going to lose an eye or their head!! West bound side of Faneuil!!



Take off "AHEAD" before it takes off a head!


There's a similar low sign on the on the Charles, Boston side, around Western Ave/Cambridge St.

Do people just go around looking for things to complain about?

A misinterpretation of MUTCD guidance regarding sign placement. The standard is to place the bottom of the sign 7 feet above the road surface. Where multiple signs are on the same post, the bottom of the lowest sign can be 5 feet above the road surface, but only in areas without sidewalks or pedestrian activity. Looks like whoever put out the work order to install the signs failed to mention that.

Of course, is it really necessary to provide this sign at all? It's a minor city street, not an Interstate highway approaching an interchange.


not wearing heels.

Is that a new sign installed ahead of painting new lanes?
The marking visible in the background is a sharrow, not a bike lane symbol.

I don't really recognize which part of the street that is, but Faneuil St does have a bike lane on part of it, so it might just be that there's a sharrow and then the bike lane is a bit further ahead.

is just out of the photo, and not where the "corporal cyclist" marking is.

Would rather see traffic enforcement rather than ineffective signage. Still get honked at when I yield to pedestrians and cyclists in a crowsswalk before making a turn. And still get honked at as a pedestrian when legally crossing in a crosswalk. Have witnessed the horrifying aftermath of drivers hitting cyclists in my neighborhood a number of times over the years. More useless signage does nothing except provide more visual distractions for drivers similar to illuminated advertisements which used to be non-existant but are now everywhere. Focus should be on dedicated traffic enforcement: when is that going to happen?