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Citizen complaint of the day: Bee careful in the North End

Bees swarming an iron pole in the North End

No doubt by now the North End is buzzing about this 311 complaint about a swarm of bees taking over a fence pole at Fleet Street and Webster Place this afternoon.

Bees swarming the back of a car in Dorchester.

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The cool wet spring kept the bees hived up longer than usual, so when good weather came the swarming response was strong. Any local beekeeper will come and collect this swarm and give it a good home.

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Leave them alone, they'll be gone in a few days.

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cities are where people live. Including people who are allergic to bees. "Leave them alone" is not an adequate public safety response.

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Honey bees very rarely sting unless provoked. Swarms are even less likely to sting.

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