China claims three runners cheated in Boston Marathon

The BBC reports that the Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) has banned three runners from competing in any future races after claiming they cheated during last Monday's Boston Marathon. One runner was accused of giving his/her bib to another runner while the two others allegedly used faked race results in order to qualify for this year's race.

The "scandal" could be much worse; the South China Morning Post quotes the Voice of China (a state-run media outlet) as reporting that "more than 90" Chinese nationals have been accused of lying about prior finishing times in order to qualify for this year's race.

In order to qualify to run the Boston Marathon, runners must have completed a prior marathon during the past year within certain times, based on age and sex. Documents provided as proof of completing the prior races within qualifying times had been forged by those involved, it is alleged.

The Morning Post reports the Voice of China found one travel agency that promised potential runners a qualifying time for $7,475 (USD).



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I Understand why people cheat to get in. The fundraisers these runners hold are so annoying, like stop posting daily on Facebook begging for donations so they can run the marathon.

You can buy anything in China

Need a diploma from a prestigious university anywhere in the world? China can get you one. How do I know? I've seen there spam shut down some web forums.

I liked this post

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It’s an important observation about China. Chinese knock offs are not limited to Louis Vuitton bags, drivers licenses, and SAT scores. There is fake Chinese stuff that many people probably never even thought of - like fake Boston Marathon qualifying times.

China is basically the Is-This-Going-To-Be-On-The-Test? country.



It's not as if Americans have never cheated at the Marathon. Americans have been making forgeries and cheating since the country was founded. If you've been reading the news, you'd see getting someone else to take the SAT is an domestic offering.

Given that the all-american US President is perhaps the biggest cheat in the country, China hardly can claim a monopoly in deception.


What is your point?

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Yes, we know Americans cheat too. If you’re point is that Americans cheat, forge, and make knock offs more than the Chinese, nobody agrees with you.

Alternatively, you may be trying to make some sort of half baked moral post- i.e. don’t cast stones or some sh*t. If so, that’s fair but I have no concern about the morality of cheating. Good for the Chinese, the US should probably be doing more of it IMHO.

BostonDog, am I going to write 2 additional paragraphs to explain every post to you? I can’t hold your hand every time. You gotta figure this out on your own. Nothing I post is that complicated.


He's not being racist

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There is a "win at all costs" mentality in Chinese society that differs from most countries. It's so normal to cheat there that they set up entire gaming cafes where the computers all come with pre-installed cheats for the games. Entire online gaming companies have had to region-lock their Asia-Pacific servers to prevent Chinese computers from joining the games because there are so many of them using cheats to play that all of the other players on the same servers can't compete or enjoy the game otherwise. Then the gaming cafes install VPNs to appear to be in other countries to get around the region locks.

It's extremely toxic if you're not inside of that bubble and equally participating in the cheating.

The Boston Marathon cheating is just an example of that bubble colliding with something outside of it.


Rolls Eyes

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Win at all cost is Chinese now?


How much money did the "cheat

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How much money did the "cheat" runners pay for fake qualifying times, versus the amount of money ($5,000) you need to fundraise for a BAA charity bib?

I wonder if it's as out of whack as the college admissions scandal, where people paid as much to "fixers" as they might have needed to donate directly to the schools to get the same result.