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Charlestown post office to stay where it is for now

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports the post office, which originally faced a Dec. 31 deadline to vacate its current Bunker Hill Mall location, will stay put for now while the local postmaster continues to look for space in a neighborhood without a lot of suitable commercial space.



Where is the Post Office at Logan Airport?

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Um, no, I don't know, but I'm lame enough that I actually Googled that and have instead been diverted by reading Yelp reviews for the the 10 best post offices near Logan Airport Terminal B, because a) how is that even a thing - people write reviews of post offices and then Yelp collects them on pages about their proximity to specific airport terminals? and b) because of stuff like this review of the post office in East Boston:

I've sent a lot of mail in a lot of places, and have never enjoyed the experience as much as I do in my local post office. This branch offers quick, friendly, professional service, and is perfectly at home in one of Boston's most diverse neighborhoods.

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The USPS "Find Locations" only lists one site in East Boston, and that's at 50 Meridian Street.


In the drop-down menu under "Location Types", be sure to choose "Post Offices-TM", otherwise you'll get a lot of "Approved Postal Providers" which are stores like CVS that are authorized to sell stamps.

I think there used to be one, years ago.

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In the Boston area, where there are 296 post offices, the Postal Service closed its historic branch in Faneuil Hall this year and plans to shut down its 27-year-old branch at Boston University and the modular office it has had for years at Logan Airport. -- David Abel, boston.com, December 10, 2010

Looks like the internet is causing a lot of post offices to close, which apparently includes the "modular" office at Logan Airport, according to this 2010 story in boston.com Not sure if anything has happened since 2010.

Weird, Marshfield has five post offices, Braintree, 12,000 more population, has just one. Until recently, the larger area colleges had a post office as did Faneuil Hall. Not sure how the Post Office allocates resources. If the fast food joints can automate cooking and customer services with robots, I imagine a non-staffed street corner ATM sized space could sell stamps, accept letters, weigh packages and issue a mailing label.

Your own letter carrier can do a lot. Outgoing mail can be placed in your own home mailbox, they can sell stamps and bring certified/registered mail the next day if you sign the slip.

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There's a lot of vacant, undeveloped land surrounding Bunker Hill Community College. (I don't mean the athletic fields.)

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What Post Office around Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, Charlestown, Allston, Brighton has better selections of Commemorative Stamps?... in addition to the Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History http://www.spellmanmuseum.org/shop.html

A special window for current and recent Commemorative Stamps, a Philatelic Division used to be setup at the Post Office in Post Office Square... still there? Or moved where?

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this Charlestown location that is going to close any day now always has a wide selection of commemorative stamps. I always ask them to surprise me when I buy a book there and have gotten some great ones. Mr. Rodgers, that priest guy, scratch and sniff ice cream stamps, space themed, Jimi Hendrix....they always have a lot to choose from.
Also really friendly people work there. Been supremely bummed to lose this post office, I really hope they can find a spot soon. Rutherford Ave has a hell of a lot of construction going on, however, it's all sandwiched between the highway/train tracks and Rutherford Ave itself, in the industrial wasteland, pretty much segregated from the actual neighborhood where people live and would use the Post Office.

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I'm glad the folks that run the mall have allowed them a bit more time. The Post Office is being pushed out to allow the CVS next door space to expand. I understand the CVS can likely pay a lot more in rent but in terms of community benefit, allowing the Post Office to remain until it can find a new space seems more valuable.

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