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As Central Square station fills with smoke, riders cover faces, try not to choke

Smoke-filled Central Square Red Line stop

Dana reported at 5:19 p.m.:

Just forced to evacuate our red line train at Central Sq. because it filled with smoke. We’re leaving the station covering our faces because the whole station is filling up with it. So glad we’re paying increases fares for this awesome service.

She got outside just in time to see Cambridge firefighters arriving.

The T is reporting 20 minutes delays on the Red Line due to the train with "a mechanical problem."

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Is not safe,reliable or clean but it is more entertaining than your average Halloween haunts.

When is the MBTA going to clean up its act and fix the problems?

At least from the polls Baker doesn't control

This young women really wants to be posted all over the internet. /sarcasm/


Smoke? No, no, no. It's just cold

Was probably a restaurant that used candles!

Nice rhyme.

the photo is a bit grainy, but there might be a resemblance, and, you know, he typically is right in the middle of any of these transpo things.