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Celts player harassed outside Cambridge mosque; blames supporters of Turkish president

NECN reports on an incident outside the the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge and Enes Kanter, who is Turkish and who has been critical of his country's strongman president.

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Not the first report of Erdogan's supporters violently attacking critics on US soil.

The holder of the Peacock Thrown used the same international terrorism to shut down his critics. Photograph Iranian protestors in the US, find their relatives in Iran and terrorize them.

We know how that worked out. Shall Turkey also become an enemy of the US because the US governments support Erdogan?

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and their supporters are gullible, brainwashed clowns.

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I have not read anything suggesting he is a good man or a bad man.

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This is the US and we supposedly don't do that shit here.

Toss these goons out and bring in some Haitians or Bahamians who will get straight to work.

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This is the US and we supposedly don't do that shit here.

Toss these goons out

I thought the same thing about the Statue of Liberty woman

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But we do that in other nations. How do you think the Shah of Iran either gained the Peacock Thrown or held on to it? Three letters. C, I and A.

Then there is the deceased Timothy McVeigh. He wanted a war between blacks and whites. We know what happened there.

There will always be people willing to terrorize others. It is ultimately a waste of time to rail about this one's politics or another's.

When the red Russians went on their murderous rampage they claimed to be on the "left" of the political spectrum. Some may have. But there reality that the regimes of Tsars was simply replaced a different kind of regime. Just as violent, just as false, just as evil.

Edrogan, Trump, the Egyptian dictators, Pinochet. Mao, Mugabe, the list is goes on. All of the men see where the moral weakness of a nation lies and uses that to aggregate power and destroy any competition.

Moral weakness? The weakness that comes from having too much, that comes from listening to evil speech from people such as the power lusting Evangelicals or Rush Limbaugh types.

They, more than anyone else, show us where the US at least has lost its moral way.

Edrogan is a monster. But so is Trump. Ironic that for all Trump's use of immigrants as his scapegoat that we hear nothing about Trump going after Turkish citizens violating laws in the US.

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listening to evil speech from people such as the power lusting Evangelicals or Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh spends 95 percent of his time talking about democratic party corruption and 5 percent on sports.

I missed the evil speech somehow over the decades.

Oh! You are democratic party. I get it. Yeah, I can see how his speech appears evil to you.

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Capey: Your logic fails. Your statement presumes that what Limbaugh spews is true. I could spew about the corruption of the Whig Party. They would be lies of course since the Whig's no longer exist. But that is what Limby does. He spews false statements about a political organization of his imagination.

Your implication that the actual Democratic Party is so corrupt that Rushy has ample opportunity to spew about corruption is false.

What matters most however is that Rushie and his peers create profits on the basis of causing emotional harm. They create stories, or distort facts, for the sole purpose of generating emotions of frustration, rage, hatred, hostility, belligerence, resentment and all states of mind that lead to what effectively are states of mental pain.

That makes them sadists who manipulate, seeking to create strife and generate emotional violence.

That makes Rush, etc. evil.

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We can allow everyone in, but remove those who don't get it.

Like you.

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You want to allow everyone who wants to move to the US in?

And if an immigrant commits a crime, or harasses those they disagree with, they should be forcibly removed from the country? Hmm

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