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Car bursts into flames where the toll plaza used to be on the Tobin Bridge

Smoke rising from Tobin car fire

Smoke rising from flaming car. Photo by Michael Schneider.

Boston and Chelsea firefighters responded to the Boston-bound side of the Tobin Bridge shortly after 9 p.m. after a car burst into flames.

Firefighters managed to put the fire out by around 9:10 p.m. but by then traffic on the upper deck was gridlocked and likely to remain that way for awhile.

The flaming car (photo by State Police):

Car on fire on Tobin Bridge
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was this photo taken from a motorola razor flip phone?

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It was there last night. Reduces the resolution of your eyeballs, too.

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As an avid photographer of the Tobin Bridge I can tell you it's very difficult to get close to the old toll booths for a shot. It's in the middle of a giant river surrounded by industrial sites... Unless you were rocking a professional 2k DSLR setup with a telephoto zoom you aren't getting a good shot of that.

From Chelsea I can pick off license plates on cars going onto the bridge during the day from Soldiers Home hill but the toll plaza is kind of out past the span so you can't get to it visually.

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cantilever bridge, and the Little Mystic Span - the smaller truss bridge. So yeah, it's virtually impossible to see, let alone get a photo of, from the Chelsea side.

Fun fact: The Tobin Bridge administrative offices were located in a series of rooms attached to the bridge structure beneath the lower level at the old toll plazas. They were accessible from an elevator that connected the two levels of the bridge with the offices and the ground level as well. Attended more than one meeting there over the years, and the conference room would always vibrate when a large truck passed overhead.

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For those Kodak moments.

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For those Instamatic moments.

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