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Candidates who want to replace Josh Zakim discuss issues, themselves

Candidates running for the District 8 (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill, Bay Village, Fenway) met for a forum on Tuesday. Watch the forum.

Participating candidates were Kenzie Bok, Montez Haywood, Landon Lemoine, Kristen Mobilia, Jennifer Nassour and Helene Vincent.

If you want to skip around, here are the times for particular segments:

Candidate intros: 6:00
General Questions: 17:00
Targeted Questions (questions based on candidates’ backgrounds): 1:12:15
Lightning Round: 1:28:00
Top Two Priorities: 1:33:45
How candidates’ past accomplishments will inform their leadership style: 1:37:55
Candidate Closing Statements: 1:45:00

The forum was sponsored by the Ward 4 and Ward 5 Democratic Committees, the Fenway CDC, the Fenway Civic Association, Greater Boston Young Dems, MassVOTE, and Berklee College of Music.


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Did Nassour explain how she will carry forward the work of her local party's elected leader, Jim Lyons?

Anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-gay marriage. You know all the core values of Boston...

What a handmaiden POS.

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The Republican Party is a bit more varied than you think.

I mean, if she comes out as anti-abortion, pro-gun, and anti-gay marriage, you'd have a point. Otherwise, you are assuming a level of doctrinal purity that might not be there. But while we are on the topic, what are Governor Baker's views on those three issues?

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The MA GOP didn't elect someone with Charlie Baker's views as their party leader. They elected Jim Lyon so it's on her to clarify why she identifies with the MA GOP still given the clear indicator that the MA GOP as a party is in line with Trump and not Baker.

Jim Lyon very clearly is anti-abortion, pro gun, anti-gay - why are you assuming he isn't representative of the GOP when he was all those things when elected to their leadership? They could have chosen differently, but didn't. That's on them, not me.

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You do realize that there are Republican politicians whose views are different than that of Jim Lyon, right?

I'm a Democrat, and I cannot tell you who runs the party in Massachusetts. I also didn't have a say in his or her election.

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He was elected more recently than Baker by a majority. They also nominated Diehl against Warren. I just chose to accept them for who they are vs who I'd like them to be.

She was a party officer. She is openly running as a GOP candidate when that's irrelevant to a city council race. Why do that if she's not trying to signal she's on board with the modern GOP?

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To identify as a member of the party does not mean that she is a clone of the titular head of the party in the state (or nationwide, for that matter.)

It saddens me, as a conservative Democrat, to see Republicans deserting their party over Trump. Trump will go away some day. If they believe in the party (as I believe in my party) they'd stick around to remind people of what the party used to stand for, to remind people what the true values of the party are. Perhaps that's why she is still as proud to be a Republican as I am to be a Democrat.

And once again, I'll note- what she says during the campaign and what she plans to do if/when elected are key, not what some other politician (or whatever the head of a party is) says or does.

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while the getting was good. Smart guy.

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