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Brawlin' betters boisterously battle

WBZ reports three people were charged with being excessively brawly as the nightclub in our new casino that's relatively close to the harbor closed early this morning - and a fourth person was taken into custody for his own good for being over-ethanoled.

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Do they have jurisdiction over the casinos?

It would seem the gaming commission has their own law enforcement wing. This devision appears to operate somewhat like the University/Hospital police departments in that it's overseen by the state police (not the local PDs) but has a narrow jurisdiction.

A separate force with its own bureaucracy, equipment, training, etc., and a brand new patronage opportunity. Crony capitalism!

The Spirit of Massachusetts is the Spirit of America, indeed.


now that damn songs in my head

After all, we love to get lost in the tradition that's Boston :-)



I haven't been, but I've read that the casino never closes. The report that that a nightclub in the casino closed at 2 AM, and the rowdy arestees were exiting that.

Post corrected.

As I understand it, the casino runs 24/7/365.

"closing time" as in last call for booze for a few hours.


I've been drinking bourbon whiskey, scotch and gin
Gonna get high man, I'm gonna get loose
Need me a triple shot of that juice
Gonna get drunk, don't you have no fear
I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer

(Yes, I was just trying to clarify meaning.)

plainly correct sequence of drinks when you are gonna get high, gonna get loose is one bourbon, one Pinnacle chocolate-and-whipped-cream flavored vodka, and one beer. I mean, c'mon.

Last call is 3 or 4 am there. They got special dispensation to go later for last call.

edit: nevermind. It's the gambling floor that has last call at 4.

The club inside the casino is subject to the same Massachusetts last call rule as any other bar.

The casino has special permission to keep serving people who are actively gambling until 4am [or their money, credit and collateral run out.]


It is a separate establishment subject to the same rules as any other bar or restaurant.

So are they going have to appear before the licensing board for these 2 separate fights, and the over served gentleman?

I know this is Everett, but will they be threatened with license suspensions and closure. This is only the beginning.

this is Carlotown

More commonly spelled "bettors", isn't it? Unless this lot were rather posh.


Where's Sam Rothstein when you need him??

Hey hey ho ho this casino has gots to go. Magoo.