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BPS superintendent interviews in text form

WBUR's Max Larkin is livetweeting today's interviews. So is the Globe's Meghan Irons.

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I am assuming that she'll close some schools on her way out and then the new person can come back into rebuild trust w/ communities, etc... right? If they're going to have the new person come in and then close schools, they will lose all good will right from the get-go.

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I wouldn't be surprised if she moved "up" to Rahn Dorsey's old gig as Chief of Education for the mayor. I do wonder how many of the candidates are aware how little autonomy they will have.

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This whole declining enrollment thing is a myth. It's just a narrative the city is trying to push. Enrollment has fluctuated between 53k - 56k since 2006. It's up a little bit some years and down a little bit other years. Actually the average over the last three years is trending up, so really not much declining enrollment at all. A lot of schools have been closed since then so the district is probably "right-sized" already. Oh, and don't use the term "right size."


2016-2017 56K
2017-2018 56k
2018-2019 54K

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54k is 2k less than 56k?

Look at Exhibit 6 on the document you've referenced.

BPS enrollment is pretty much flat since 2010 and yet the budget in 2010 was $817.10m. Now it's $400M higher for the same number of kids.

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