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Boston by the numbers

The Dorchester Reporter takes a look at some Boston demographic data recently released by the BPDA.



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Per the ethnic percentages given, somewhere near Fields Corner is probably the 'most representative' neighborhood of Boston. Maybe near the corner of Dot and King. At least as far as that criteria goes . .

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Used to be Roslindale in 2010. I think that Fields Corner is too diverse to represent Boston as a whole. More so somewhere where Rozzie and Hyde Park meet and blend. Or where he South End and Roxbury colllide.

Actually-probably Mission Hill is most representative racially.

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The infographic ( as well as the ACS 1yer census estimates) give these figures for 2017 alone:

43.9% white
23.1% Black
20.4% Hispanic
9.7% Asian

Why’re neighborhood racial break down chart
Shows this:

44.9% white
22.7% black
19.4% Hispanic
9.7% Asian

These second set of number result the average racial makeup from 2013-2017. So Boston circa 2015 basically.

Regardless it appears the their is a push of minorities out of the downtown northern areas into areas like West Roxbury.

West Roxbury now has 200 more black people than the south end and is over 10% black.

Neighborhoods that were majority minority in the 90s and 2000s are majority white again. JP Rozie and the South End are all majority white once more.

Dorchester was 50% white in 1990, 36% white in 2000 and 32% white in 2010. It is now 21.5% white. I think the past it was white flights, after the recession white areas of Dorchester became extremely expensive and larger white families ceded their space to young professional mostly white singles for MASSIVE cash outs. The few whites who remained in borderline black areas sold just to cash out.

Hyde Park and Dorchester are essentially equally as black at 45.5%. White population decline has slowed tremendously in Hyde Park.

Roxbury is barely majority black at 51.5%. Allston is nearing majority minority at 54% white. Who would In the 1980s would have thought Allston to be more of a minority neighborhood than the South End or JP ?

Fenway has lost alll Vestiges of its black population.

Roxbury is 10.5% white which isn’t that different than 9% in 2010, but with 5k new residents meaning as of 2015, some whites moved in but hadn’t replaced minorities basically.

I suspect West Roxbury will continue to lose whites slowly and Roslindale will continue to gain slowly. West Roxbury out by Dedham and near Hyde Park is already diverse and I suspect people will continue to realize it is not as desirable as parts of WR nearer Roslindale and Newton. They are not as desirable as Any part of Rozzie either. For 2020 WR will be 65% white and Rozzie will be 55% white.

Chinatown is included as “Downtown” that’s why it has a high youth/teen population.

Largest immigrant regions in Boston:

2 Asia

3 Central/South America

4 Europe
5 Africa

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