Boston construction company tries to make it in the Big Apple

The New York Times reports New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, of the Cambridge De Blasios, came up to our fair Hub for a bit of fundraising with some secret backer whom he declined to name, but whom the Times reveals is our own John Fish, whose Suffolk Construction has begun bidding on projects in New York.

H't Doodlemom.


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"The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie."

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DeBlasio is the most

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DeBlasio is the most delirious mayor I’ve ever read about.

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Bragging Rights for the Hub

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NYC has found it necessary to import talent from the HUB for a very long time -- they have money but we have the talent

for example -- just a few of major NYC Brands who hailed from Hereabouts::

  1. Rowland Hussey Macy -- Nantucket
  2. Leonard Bernstein -- born Louis Bernstein in Lawrence, Massachusetts...
    His family spent their summers at their vacation home in Sharon, Massachusetts...the elder Bernstein took him to orchestral concerts in his teenage years and eventually supported his music education.....Bernstein attended the Garrison Grammar School and Boston Latin School...attended Harvard University


  3. William Joseph Bratton -- Dorchester
  4. Michael Rubens Bloomberg -- born St. Elizabeth's in Brighton [the original St. Elsewhere], lived in
    Allston until Bloomberg was two years old, when they moved to Brookline for the next two years, finally settling in the Boston suburb of Medford, Massachusetts, where he lived until after he graduated from college
  5. Bill de Blasio --- born Warren Wilhelm Jr -- while born in NYC he lived and was schooled from Kindergarten to High school Graduation in Cambridge

This goes back to the days of Franklin when it was said --- how to distinguish people from Boston, NYC, Philadelphia

  • Philly they asked who were his parents
  • NYC they asked how much is he worth
  • in the Hub they asked what does he know

A bit of that is still true

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Surprised they didn't go there sooner

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Sort of like Wall Street. Fear competes with greed. Suggest he pays his subs on time, those guys are serious.

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