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Bogus endorsement flier circulating in Brighton

Somebody's been circulating a flier in a senior-citizen building on Wallingford Rd with a high percentage of Chinese-American residents:




You know why the paper on the right exists? Because the paper on the left does.

The CPPA, some Russian Jewish old person group... I'm sure there are others. I've seen all their flyers around the elderly living housing on Washington St and Chestnut Hill Ave before.

They don't inform and advocate to residents on why they should vote for certain candidates. They rely on lack of English and lack of interest but high civic duty to just roll a bunch of elderly to the polls to get what the organization wants. Pay them enough and they'll deliver the votes. It's like the Gangs of New York if you want to get elected in Brighton, where nobody else votes. It's fucking infuriating as one of the only residents to regularly vote.

These cheater ballots should be illegal. Then they wouldn't have any way to whine if someone makes one for the other candidate...because nobody would be making them. All these do is perpetuate the power of these organizations whose whims go to the highest "donor".

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Maybe it's bad to publicize someone's name with no discussion of issues or qualifications.

But why would it be illegal? A private organization can print flyers all they want saying "vote Quimby -- he has stylish pants" or anything else.

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I voted at 1:00 and was the 134th ballot for my new ward after moving for the first time in 15 years. I guess civic engagement is far greater in Oak Square than it is closer to the Charles.

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the only part of brighton that still seems like brighton. go closer to the charles and its all drifters and vagrants.

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Kaz, I respectfully disagree w/ your position. CPPA, which I'm sure most people here haven't heard of, is Chinese Progressive Political Action. They're part of a progressive coalition, Right to the City Vote (RTCV), fighting for more low income housing, and more access to voting for marginalized communities. They spearheaded the fight for bilingual ballots in Boston and other cities and towns with large numbers of non-native English speakers, for instance.

The sham flier uses the name of CPPA because some Chinese folks are familiar with their work. They may not know each and every candidate, but they do trust that candidates endorsed by RTCV/CPPA share important parts of their political outlook. That's enough for them. Frequently, an endorsement from groups I really trust is enough for me too.

The fake flier editor could have easily substituted a letter in CPPA's name, like say to CBPA, since they so easily changed the photos and arrows for the sample ballot. But they didn't. Because they know CPPA's name would be more recognized and trusted. This is the scandal.

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Games were played in District 2 2 years ago by a certain former Menino operative in Chinatown and his followers. Not surprised.

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