Army vet salutes South Boston kindergarteners who recited Pledge at defaced memorial

WCVB reports on the class at the Perry School in South Boston.


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I'm torn, here...

... between, on the one hand, thinking that this is a sweet, grass-roots display of patriotic interest that happened to make it into the news, and, on the other, thinking it's a bit of theater, meticulously produced by somebody with a skilled PR staff, designed to manipulate my emotions.

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I think you misread me

Worry about something real, not a bunch of kindergarteners reciting the pledge of allegiance

It's not about a bunch of kids reciting the pledge of allegiance; it's about the way the news cycle is manipulated. It's about us being led to believe that various things are spontaneous and bottom-up, when in fact they are carefully orchestrated and top down.

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No, not just you

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For me, as a queer person with a multiracial family, seeing displays that only include the flag or the pledge is not in fact heartwarming. It tells me that the people who organized the display aren't thinking about how those actions are seen by people who are different from themselves. When I see the pledge or flags waving, I'm not sure if my family and I are included in the sentiment, ignored, or intentionally excluded. Especially lately, when we've had prominent folks say that those who exercise their constitutional right to not say the pledge or stand for the anthem are not welcome, I have even stronger reactions to children being carted out to say the pledge and wave a flag. I don't actually know what message is being conveyed.

The circles I travel in would have done something like make a poster or give a speech that explicitly said something about how a monument was defaced that honors those who have given their lives to ensure that people of all races, people from all nations, people of all sexualities and genders, people with disabilities, etc. are welcome here. Because they know that waving flags and saying the pledge doesn't actually send this message.

Oh, and I gotta say, this particularly stands out as tone deaf when this is coming from an 80% white school in a 14% white district and is occurring in a 99% white census tract in a 46% white city. In a neighborhood whose pride and joy is a parade that goes to court to ensure LGBT folks can't march in it.

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A nice moment, but strange to have TV cameras there.

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