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Apartments behind the Arborway bus depot win approval

50 Stedman St. rendering

Architect's rendering.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans for a 21-unit, three-story apartment building at 50 Stedman St., which its developer is counting on becoming the gateway to transforming the area from garages and truck lots into a completely new residential area within an easy walk of the Forest Hills T stop.

Helms Investment of South Boston had received BPDA approval for the project, which will include four affordable apartments, in February. Some 15 of the units in the building, which will replace a garage, will have two bedrooms, the rest one. The building will have 21 parking spaces and a roof deck for residents from which they can watch bus drivers maneuvering at the neighboring Arborway depot.

50 Stedman St. documents filed with the BPDA.



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those are not total and complete pure shit. rating: 3/10 Developers should expand on this example

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Your entry rates 0/10

Yet again you complain. Yet again, you offer no alternatives that meet your discerning taste and still pencil.

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We need a lot of projects and housing like this. Good to see.

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The good: this development is better than an old garage

The bad: The MBTA. They have lied to the people of this neighborhood. They were supposed to give back the majority of the bus yard to the city for development. This was supposed to happen SIXTEEN(!!) years ago. Why are they not being held accountable? Why are they allowed to lie and waste taxpayer money and property?

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The mbta probably uses about 30% of that enormous space. The rest of it just prime real estate going to waste.

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They were leaving space for future trolley works when they brought back the real green line.

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That rendering or lack thereof. At this point in time it takes a tad bit of artistry, 2-3 clicks and 15-20 minutes. Throw in a kid with a balloon and a dog for good measure as "distractions"...

If you are going to submit to the BPDA at least give it the old college try.

Source: Architect, Construction Manager and 27 years selling rendering software on the side.

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