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Apartment building with coffee shop approved for Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan

The Wellington on Blue Hill Avenue

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a five-story, 39-unit apartment building on Blue Hill Avenue at Wellington Hill Street that will include ground-floor space for a coffee shop and two other small stores.

The BPDA approved the proposal by Diarmaid McGregor in October under a program to allow smaller-than-usual units, in this case, one-bedroom units of 555 square feet, two-bedroom units between 805 and 825 square feet and three-bedroom units of 930 square feet.

Five of the units will be rented to people making no more than 70% of the Boston-area median income, McGregor's attorney, John Pulgini, told the board.

The building will have 40 parking spaces, Pulgini said.

He added that McGregor is looking for a local concern to run the proposed coffee shop.

Nobody rose to oppose the proposal.

the Wellington at 1301 small-project review application (11.9M PDF).

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I pooped on a boobie

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Did you get a second account?

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Even by today's debased standards of architecture, that is one seriously ugly building.

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Not a rare occurrence.

Isn't this building SIX stories?


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It appears to be five floors of apartments, with the addition of the first floor coffee shop and stores, from what I can see.

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Isn't that the same building that was built- on enter any street here?

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