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93 gridlocked as vice president is driven down from New Hampshire to look at old luxury cars in Brighton

State trooper blocking access to Storrow Drive inbound at Charles Circle

Trooper blocking access to Storrow inbound at Charles Circle for the motorcade. Photo by Ari Ofsevit.

93 south into the city is gridlocked due to delays caused to the road being shut so that Mike Pence could get from New Hampshire - where he was filing paperwork to ensure his boss is on next year's primary ballot - to a car showing.

North Beacon Street and neighboring roads in Brighton in turn were also shut to allow his motorcade unfettered access to a private luxury-car show with New Balance honcho Jim Davis.

At 4:09 p.m., Michael Ratty reported from the Zakim Bridge that his mapping software was telling him it would take him an hour to get to his home in the South End.

The VP didn't stay long - his motorcade hopped onto Soldiers Field Road for the ride to Logan.



I want to make sure I don't accidentally be nice to them or patronize any businesses they are involved in


Tin Tin Buffet ya happy now?!


If I concentrate I can still taste my last Tintin in the back of my mouth, and that was about 2006

is that somebody’s drag name?

not far from the New Balance place in question

is that somebody’s drag name

Jim Davis of New Balance.


They just lost my business.


New Balance has been the so called official sneaker of neo nazis for a couple years now. I stopped buying them.


But if you want to call that being a neo nazi, so be it. I'll continue to get my runners that were assembled by immigrants getting a decent wage. Enjoy your sweat shop shoes.


I didn't realize that Ivanka had branched out to sneakers!


Manufacturing in the use for what, one shoe line, which is approaching $200 a pair to buy?

But if you want to call that being a neo nazi

This is a completely intellectually dishonest dick move, and you know it. Be ashamed of yourself.


I mean, if you want to really get at the base of this discussion, look above me.

Jim Davis has good reason for making nice with Trump. He wants to build his company without having to outsource all of the manufacturing side of the operation. New Balance has four factories in New England, which is more than their competitors have in the US total. Kinopio links him to neo-Nazis for that. Who is being intellectually dishonest here?


Please, stop the toddler-like whining bout what Kinopio did, and do some googling.

Jim Davis has good reason for making nice with Trump.

No. He doesn't. He may have a reason that YOU consider adequate. But no one with a functioning moral compass has a "good reason for making nice with Trump".


I certainly have a right to contest the implication that New Balance is connected to neo-Nazis. It's an insane idea, and unless one has proof that the company is actively marketing to the alt-right, a misguided one. But speaking of keeping up with currents in the shoe business, perhaps you might want to brush up on New Balance and the TPP. But if you want to work on the binary idea that one must hate everything Trump is for, I'm going to conclude, using your logic, that you think that criminal justice reform is bad, too. I think it is good, and I think that trying to keep manufacturing jobs in America is good too. I guess that is a difference between us.


As a longtime New Balance wearer I certainly have a right to contest the implication that New Balance is connected to neo-Nazis.

Because it's all about you. Always.

But if you want to work on the binary idea that one must hate everything Trump is for, I'm going to conclude, using your logic

And here we see classic waquoiting, the strawman argument. But do enlighten me about the vast progress that Trump has made on "criminal justice reform" and "keep[ing] manufacturing jobs in America". Oh yeah, tariffs! They worked so well!

I guess that is a difference between us.

Your representations of other people's views are almost invariably intellectually dishonest strawman positions, which is super handy in allowing you to invent whatever differences serve your rhetorical purpose. Keep waquoiting!

You are a very negative person. You got into this thread by insulting me from the get go. I mean, it was borderline bullying, but I decided to defend my comments. You kept on ratcheting things up, making it personal. But I want you to remember this one thing:

Someone out there loves you.

So if it will make you feel better, I'm sorry that I said that I personally was a New Balance shoe wearer rather than mentioning that you most likely have people in your life that wear the brand. Sorry that you are offended that New Balance has been advocating for shoe tariffs going back to at least the administration of the second George Bush. Sorry you can't fathom that in this great big world of ours, things aren't so black and white. I believe that it was a different politician that once said

"This idea of purity, and you're never compromised, and you're always politically woke, and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly. The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws."

Have a good week-end.

He prefers to buy his Nike sneakers made by his comrades in China.


Really? I thought it was the official “Dad” sneaker.

There's, err, *no one* else on payroll to whom such a responsibility might more sensibly be allocated?


Many people from Trumps campaign are in prison, to be fair.


Why is it still a requirement that this "paperwork" be filed in person?

Of course, this "non-story" that the media is going gag gah over is yet another example of how this whole "states must have primaries on different days, and New Hampshire MUST be first" system is such a waste of resources that doesn't actually serve the interests of the voters. Made sense in the 18th and 19th centuries when travel between states was slow and communication even slower, but in this jet, media, and Internet age, it is totally archaic.


New Hampshire had its first presidential primary in 1916 (which was during the 20th century).

This is the only story I've seen about this, and it's primarily focused on its effects on local traffic, which seems relevant even if the rest of it isn't.


I have a Boston Globe article about the JFK motorcade being stuck in traffic on his visit at the midterm elections. I wouldn’t wish that on any US President. Times have certainly changed!

To bring you up to speed, the Republicans have for the most part decided to not bother with primaries and simply coronate Trump as Fuehrer without any tedious democratic processes like primaries. Kudos to New Hampshire for at least making the gesture, no matter how archaic you may find it.


Early campaigning in a state in play for 2020.

Remember the good old days when Obama regularly visited Boston... with a stopover at a fundraiser in Newton or Weston.


Because... um ... ah .... um ... well, you see ...

(Come on people. Help me out. Explain what the difference is between a traffic jam created by a Democratic President and a Republican Vice-President.)


Lemme channel my mid-90s flashback:

~ ~
~ ~ ~
Ah, yes! When it seemed like hardly a week would go by when Bill, Hil or Al would pop up to Manhattan midweek, maybe do a little UN "official business", have a couple of fundraiser luncheons/receptions or book promos, then simply have to get the motorcade over to JFK at the height of rush hour because important evening business in DC, don'tcha know?

Magoo is so sad. :-( Lots of negative nellies out there. Magoo sez there is a joyspiracy afoot. Joyspiracy.com. :-). Magoo.


Really, just go away.


Really, just go away.

Clearing 93 of traffic must be akin to Moses parting of the Red Sea...


In a desperate attempt to escape the angry armies of New Hampshire.

Love New Balances, one of the only footwear companies that treat ALL of their employees decently.

Nike might have some woke ads but they manufacture their product in a communist sweatshop.

They’re also the official footwear of our military.