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Woman who hit a T bus head on in Saugus has died

Transit Police report the death of Kathleen Callahan, 47, following a crash in Saugus yesterday.

Police say Callahan drove into a 429 bus headed towards Lynn on Essex Street near Felton Street around 3:50 p.m. on Sunday.

The Ford, originally traveling in the opposite lane, possibly struck a 3rd parked vehicle causing the Ford to veer into the MBTA's bus lane of travel striking it head on. There were 4 passengers on board the bus. All 4 passengers and the bus operator were transported to local area hospitals for minor injuries.

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Just horrific. I wonder what went wrong?

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Death investigations are assigned to state troopers assigned to local offices of the district attorney except in the city of Boston where Boston police handle death investigations. Are all death investigations on MBTA property which seems to occur on a weekly basis handled by the Transit Poice?

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Yes, I know a detective with the MBTA police. They investigate any death on MBTA property.

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