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Woman released from booking on shoplifting charge tries to steal BPD worker's purse on way out of station, police say

Boston Police report arresting a Malden woman twice in three hours yesterday, first for allegedly shoplifting stuff at the CVS at 318 Hanover St. and then for trying to grab an employee's purse at the District A-1 station after she was done being booked for the shoplifting.

Angelina Damelio, 33, was arrested at the CVS shortly after 1 p.m. after, police say, she used her purse to smack a worker trying to stop her from shoplifting.

Then, around 4:20 p.m., police say:

Officers assigned to District A-1 (Downtown), were walking out of roll call and made an on-site arrest for attempted larceny at the front desk of Boston Police District A-1 Station, 40 New Sudbury Street, Boston. Officers observed the suspect, later identified as Angelina Damelio, 33 of Malden, reach her hand through the six-inch gap of the safety glass and grab the front desk clerks tan leather purse, that was sitting next to a computer. Damelio attempted to pull the purse towards her and through the hole in the partition. Officers confronted Damelio, at which point she began to cause a disturbance in the lobby area before attempting to leave. Officers immediately placed Damelio under arrest for Attempted Larceny and she escorted back to the booking area.

Innocent, etc.

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This isn't a 4:20 kind of desperation.

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She had to score some cash quick!

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I love my town. We have quite the (apparently deserved) reputation.

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Check out the plaza in front of the Malden Center T station (aka The Circle Of Death).

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this woman's work ethic and entrepreneurial sprit. Always on the job, always looking out for new opportunities. Don't let anything get you down.

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To improve her craft.

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She needs to up her game to Drugstore Cowboy levels.

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If at first you don't succeed...

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is a helluva drug.

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But this seems unusual....

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This shows real civic spirit on the part of a creative Bostonian! She's trying to give the Florida Man meme some competition. Go Boston!

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