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Why, yes, that was Michael Douglas in Coolidge Corner this afternoon

Michael Douglas in Coolidge Corner

Douglas is in town for an award and film discussion at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Hood Will Hunting reports bringing a VHS copy of "Wall Street" in the hopes of getting Kirk's son to sign it - which he did.

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A coterie of autograph hunters include folks that show up at many local celebrity events and stage doors. WGBH broadcasters interviewing the hard core autograph hunters about their collections would be interesting.

Looking for a celebrity an aging mother and older daughter aggressive and focused for an autograph regularly turn up at nearly all Boston theatres.

Check out Collections of Autographs Books at the Special Collections Division of Copley Square Boston Public Library including https://archive.org/details/briefdescription00bost/page/n9

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OMG, I come here to UHUB for serious news from professional roving UHUB supporters, the fine editing of AdamG, and the incredibly knowledgeable and informed commenters who know more than anyone about how things should be. and grammar.

If I wanted celebrity news, gossip, bad writing, with a bias I would just look at Boston.com or tell Adrian Walker to send me a bedtime story.


PS-Also for the sexy zaniness of the SZAK!

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I wonder how much a signed stenographic output would get on eBay.

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I remember that older mother and daughter team back in the 80s and 90s that showed up everywhere looking for autographs from celebrities! They were a familiar sight.

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The younger said she sells the autographs.

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when the coolidge corner theater lists on the marquis that an A-lister as coming to give a talk, it actually happens. i ride by it all the time but somehow fail to believe it. i missed werner herzog doing just that. bummer. and it's my neighborhood!

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Please see also online Film Comment magazine of the Film Society of Lincoln Center https://www.filmlinc.org/

and https://www.filmcomment.com/article/the-paragon-of-animals/

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Catherine zeta reticuli. Our
Lizard overlords will soon rise This is the first phase.

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